Wrestling Stars Lost 2020

It is customary as one year ends to reflect, and now it’s time for WNZ’s 10 bell salute to the wrestling stars we lost in 2020.

Looking Back: WNZ’s 10 Bell Salute To Wrestling Stars We Lost In 2020

As every year comes to a close, we reflect on what 2020 has given, and in this case, what we’ve lost. It’s time for WNZ’s 10 bell salute to stars we lost in 2020.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, nor is it in any particular order. But, here are some of the most notable stars we lost in 2020.


The Ugandan Giant was best known for his WWE run in the 80’s and 90’s. For me, the best memories I have of this man’s WWE run was his feud with The Undertaker.

He worked a good deal on the indies as well, and did enjoy time in WCW before sporadically returning to WWE.

Later in life, Kamala suffered from diabetes which lead to numerous health complications. Unfortunately, he ended up contracting COVID-19, which contributed to his death in August.

Rocky Johnson

Even without the massive success of his much more famous son (that would be The Rock), Rocky Johnson was a major star in his own right.

He was a trail blazer, holding numerous titles in his illustrious, Hall of Fame career. Upon winning several of his titles, he became the first black wrestler to hold that specific title.

The Rock WWE

That included being the first black champions in WWE, alongside Tony Atlas, as one of the wrestling stars lost in 2020.

Shad Gaspard

The tragic passing of former WWE tag team wrestler Shad Gaspard is well documented at this point.

Shad Gaspard Missing

Gaspard went swimming with his son, and when the two began to struggle, Gaspard made sure his son got out safely.

Unfortunately, Shad Gaspard did not. His heroism to save his son has inspired some to call for Shad to be a future Warrior Award recipient.

Road Warrior Animal

Animal was one half of the legendary WWE Hall of Fame tag team The Road Warriors (or, Legion of Doom).

The Last Road Warrior

He died at a way too young age of 60, giving the afterlife an incredible tag team-his partner, Hawk, passed away a few years back.

Hana Kimura

This is a name that may not be too well known to the more casual fans, but Hana Kimura is deserving of inclusion on the list.

What makes this an especially tragic entry is that Kimura was only 22. She had her entire career in front of her.

La Parka II

Yes, there were two La Parkas. Seems to happen a bit in lucha libre.

La Parka Passes Away

The important thing to know about this masked, skeleton-suited star? He was one of the most significant luchadors of his-or perhaps any-generation.

Pat Patterson

This one doesn’t likely need a ton of additional information. Patterson was a WWE mainstay for decades.

Pat Patterson Passes Away

Everyone knows he gave us the Royal Rumble, so that alone is a legacy defining match.

Patterson passed away late in 2020 after declining health.

Tracy Smothers

Smothers was well known and well liked throughout wrestling, though he never achieved superstardom.

tracy smothers passes away

I remember him best from his enjoyable run with ECW.

He passed away this fall after a battle with cancer.

Howard Finkel

Howard Finkel is a man, a legend, who really needs no introduction to most wrestling fans.

The Fink was the ring announcer for WWE as the company really rose to prominence.

He died earlier in 2020, and got a memorable sendoff, including a farewell from Hulk Hogan.

Jon Huber

The last name on our list is also, as of this writing, the last star to have passed.

stars we lost 2020

It’s also arguably the most stunning and sad. Jon Huber, known as Brodie Lee and formerly known as Luke Harper, died at the way too young age of 41, just after Christmas, 2020.

May all of these stars we lost in 2020-and the many others not included here-rest in peace.

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