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Tim Allen standup comedy mask mandates covid SNL dinner sketch
Tim Allen says stand up isn’t the same after “Last Man Standing” but did SNL bust the comedy scene wide open with its COVID dinner sketch?
monkeys escape
January 26, 2022
The media reported a woman fell sick after coming into close contact with escaped lab monkeys. Then the truth came out.
Whoopi Goldberg COVID
‘The View’ had air to from home as Joy Behar announced fellow cohost Whoopi Goldberg tested positive for COVID-19 over the holidays.
Roman Reigns
January 1, 2022
Roman Reigns tested positive for COVID-19 and is out of the Day 1 event. Here’s what we know.
wwe impacted by covid again
December 22, 2021
It was only a matter of time, but WWE has been impacted by COVID yet again. Plus, an NXT producer is returning to the ring next week.
Dana White
October 19, 2021
A new policy put into place by the U.S. government could alter some upcoming fight plans for the UFC and other promotions.
Draymond Green
October 1, 2021
Golden State Warriors Power Forward Draymond Green defended his fellow NBA players’ right not to accept the COVID vaccine
September 27, 2021
Some of the league’s biggest stars are fighting to opt out of the vaccine and may take drastic measures to skirt NBA and government rules. 
COVID The View
September 24, 2021
The View had a horrible surprise mid-show today as two of their hosts learned they had tested positive for COVID.
llama covid treatment
September 22, 2021
Now scientists have found another novel treatment for COVID, and it comes from an unlikely source. The latest treatment comes from…llamas.
Fauci college football
September 8, 2021
Noted fun-ruiner Dr. Fauci is at it again. He has now attacked one of America’s most illustrious institutions, college football.
mask schools
September 8, 2021
A substitute teacher in Las Vegas was accused by a parent of tapping a mask to a child’s face after they took it off for a glass of water.
keith lee explains absence
August 14, 2021
After months away and many questions, Keith Lee finally explains his absence from WWE. Plus former Superstar Christy Hemme is done wrestling.
aew has touring concerns
July 28, 2021
AEW has touring concerns tied to new spikes in COVID. Plus, was the Queen of the Ring location revealed, and might it be in Saudi Arabia?
WWE suffers another COVID outbreak, Vince McMahon Slams stars
The WWE is dealing with another COVID outbreak, causing Vince McMahon to slam several wrestlers for not following coronavirus protocol.
Changes WrestleMania Fans Returning
January 17, 2021
WWE has made some drastic changes to WrestleMania 37, while also confirming sites for future shows. And, fans returning is part of the news.
Dr. Payman Simoni plastic surgeon died The Doctors
January 11, 2021
Family reports Dr. Payman Simoni, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon known from “The Doctors”, died after contracting COVID-19 from a patient.
Wrestling Stars Lost 2020
January 2, 2021
One of the sad parts of the conclusion of any year, we take time to reflect on the wrestling stars we lost in 2020. Here’s our 10 bell salute.