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Hoda Kotb Kevin Costner
Screenshot: TODAY With Hoda & Jenna
July 11, 2024
Hoda Kotb has revealed that she's open to dating Kevin Costner after being told that fans are "shipping" them.
Kevin Costner
Screenshot: Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube
July 11, 2024
The Kevin Costner film Horizon has had its second installment pushed back. It was initially scheduled for an August release.
horizon michael rooker
Screenshot: Andy Greskoviak Twitter
July 5, 2024
Horizon: An American Saga star Michael Rooker slammed critics of the film, hinting that Tiktok may be partially to blame.
Kevin Costner
Source: Josh Horowitz YouTube
July 1, 2024
The Hollywood star Kevin Costner is defiantly refusing to apologize for making "movies for men." This comes after the release…
Kevin Costner Gayle King
Source: CBS Mornings YouTube
June 28, 2024
Kevin Coster snapped at CBS Mornings host Gayle King after she repeatedly pestered him with questions about Yellowstone.
Kevin Costner
Source: CBS Mornings YouTube
June 27, 2024
Kevin Costner, 69, is revealing why he must "go forward" after his "crushing" divorce from Christine Baumgartner.
Kevin Costner
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube
June 26, 2024
Kevin Costner is now saying that Horizon is the hardest project that he's ever been a part of.
Kevin Costner
Source: The Kelly Clarkson Show YouTube
June 25, 2024
The Hollywood star Kevin Costner is speaking out to reveal what he's looking for in his next romantic partner after…
Kevin Costner Yellowstone
Source: People YouTube
June 24, 2024
Kevin Costner announced last week that he will not be returning to "Yellowstone" to film the final episodes of the…
Kevin Costner
Source: People YouTube
June 21, 2024
The Hollywood star Kevin Costner has finally revealed his future plans for "Yellowstone." Sadly, fans of the show won't be…
Kevin Costner Princess Diana
Source YouTube: People, ITN Archive
June 20, 2024
Kevin Costner met with Prince William years ago, and he told him something very surprising about his late mother Princess…
Kevin Costner Jewel
Source YouTube: People, Firing Line With Margaret Hoover
June 19, 2024
Kevin Costner has finally broken his silence to address rumors that he is dating Jewel following his bitter divorce.
Kevin Costner
Source: People YouTube
June 18, 2024
Kevin Costner is speaking out to reveal that he still feels "lucky" even after overcoming a heartbreaking divorce.
Kevin Costner
Source: TODAY X
June 17, 2024
The Hollywood star Kevin Costner defiantly refused to rule out a return to "Yellowstone," saying "I would go back."
Kevin Costner
Source: GQ YouTube
June 14, 2024
Kevin Costner has taken a "major gamble" with his new movie series "Horizon" after leaving the hit show "Yellowstone."
Kevin Costner Whitney Houston
Source YouTube: GQ, Whitney Houston
June 13, 2024
Kevin Costner revealed the touching reason he refused to shorten his 17-minute eulogy for Whitney Houston in 2012.
Kevin Costner Robin Williams
Source YouTube: GQ, ABC News (Australia)
May 31, 2024
Kevin Costner has revealed that he surprisingly beat out the late great Robin Williams for the leading role in "Field…
Source: Firing Line with Margaret Hoover | PBS YouTube
May 23, 2024
The singer Jewel is speaking out this week to offer fans some powerful advice for getting over heartbreak.