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Reba McEntire
Screenshot: TODAY with Hoda & Jenna YouTube
July 15, 2024
The country music star Reba McEntire has made a huge announcement about her new sitcom, as she's singing the theme…
Alec Baldwin
Screenshot: ABC News YouTube
July 15, 2024
The Hollywood star Alec Baldwin has just broken his silence after his "Rust" charges were dismissed on Friday.
Shannen Doherty
Screenshot: ABC7 YouTube
July 15, 2024
The "Beverly Hills 90210" actress Shannen Doherty is being honored by her co-stars after she died of breast cancer at…
Sharon Stone
Screenshot: Movieclips, extratv
July 12, 2024
Sharon Stone revealed that she lost $18 million after nearly dying from a stroke, saying that she "had zero money."
Alec Baldwin
Screenshot: KOAT, Law&Crime Trials
July 12, 2024
A surprising twist happened in the Alec Baldwin trial on Friday as the judge sent the jury home while weighing…
Bette Midler
Screenshot: TODAY YouTube
July 12, 2024
Bette Midler, 78, could not help but become emotional as she revealed the "greatest thing" that she did in her…
Whoopi Goldberg Disneyland
Screenshot: CBS Sunday Morning, Alex The Historian
July 12, 2024
Whoopi Goldberg has just shocked her fans by revealing that she blew her mother's ashes on a Disneyland ride.
Happy Days Henry Winkler
Screenshot: WBAY TV-2 | Green Bay, WI YouTube
July 12, 2024
The "Happy Days" alums Henry Winkler, Donny Most, and Anson Williams reunited to attend the Iola Car Show last week.
Jeff Bridges
Screenshot: CBS Sunday Morning YouTube
July 12, 2024
The Oscar-winning Hollywood star Jeff Bridges revealed that he had a 9-inch by 12-inch tumor while filming his TV show.
Alec Baldwin Hilaria
Screenshot YouTube: E! News, extratv
July 12, 2024
The prosecutor in the Alec Baldwin "Rust" shooting trial has revealed the sickening thing he told his wife after it…