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WWE Legend Kamala Passes, Goldberg Trashes Roman Reigns

We are saddened to learned that WWE legend Kamala has passed away. And, Goldberg was not afraid to throw some trash towards Roman Reigns.

In a bit of sad news, WWE Legend Kamala passes away over the weekend. In more interesting news, Goldberg trashes Roman Reigns.

WWE Legend Kamala Passes

In some sad news for the wrestling world, we’ve learned that WWE Legend Kamala has passed away.

Kamala, real name James Harris, played a frightening character who would speak in grunts and come to the ring covered in facepaint.

WWE Legend Kamala Passes
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The agile big man enjoyed a lengthy house show program with Hulk Hogan in the 80’s, when Hogan was the biggest draw around.

It is possible that the man known as The Ugandan Giant peaked during a feud with The Undertaker. Either way, between a number of promotions he carved out an impressive career.

WWE announced his passing on their site on Sunday. Harris was 70.

For years, he battled health issues; which include having both knees amputated due to diabetes related issues.

Fans took to social media to react to Kamala’s passing.

Therefore, we at The Mix extend our deepest sympathies to the Harris family.

Goldberg Trashes Roman Reigns

We all know that Roman Reigns was supposed to fight Goldberg at this year’s WrestleMania. It did not happen, and now Goldberg has spoken, and he trashes Roman Reigns in the process.

That in and of itself deserves a bit of context.

Back in the beginning of the year (seems like such a different time, right?), Reigns made a comment on Twitter about his punching of the entrance ramp, and in doing so, took a shot at Goldberg.

It turns out, Goldberg didn’t forget.

This time around, it was the former champion and WWE Hall of Famer firing the shots. In doing so, he flat out called Roman Reigns a joke.

That comment, and much more, came when Goldberg sat down with World’s Strongest Man competitor Robert Oberst, known as The American Monster.

Aside from calling the now-absent Big Dog a joke, Goldberg explained why he did what he did to that poor door. It was all about his character development at that time, more or less.

The comments are interesting, considering we were supposed to see these two Superstars with limited move sets clash in April. Could this just be a Hall of Famer venting?

Or would this end up like so many other things and evolve into a future match? Considering fans had been expecting (perhaps not wanting) a match between them before, maybe we will still see the two tangle down the road.

Of course, Roman Reigns has said he plans to stay away until things settle down over COVID, as he has underlying health risks due to his battle with Leukemia.

Goldberg hasn’t been seen since he dropped his championship to Braun Strowman, but usually that absence can be fixed with some cash.

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