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Kirk Cameron is being defended by the former “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson after staffers disrespected them at a public library.
Phil Robertson Whoopi Goldberg
February 11, 2022
Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame shocked everyone by defending both Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Rogan from cancel culture.
Phil Robertson cancel culture
February 8, 2022
Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame feels that cancel culture has “gone too far,” and he’s using his Christian faith to fight it.
Phil Robertson Terry Bradshaw
Willie Robertson has revealed that his father Phil Robertson once started as quarterback over the NFL legend Terry Bradshaw.
Kay Robertson
Kay Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame was rushed to the hospital after being attacked by a dog but she remained strong and didn’t cry.
Phil Robertson message to liberals Duck Dynasty
Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ fame sent a brutal message to liberals disrespecting God after speaking out on manliness in America, too.
Sadie Robertson faith COVID baby Instagram Christian
November 23, 2020
Sadie Robertson, who personally battled COVID while pregnant, is reminding her fans lean on their Christian faith now more than every.
Phil Robertson Donald Trump prayer Duck Dynasty
November 5, 2020
“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson took to social media on Wednesday to post a powerful prayer for President Donald Trump to be reelected. 
conservative celebrities endorse Trump Roseanne Barr 50 Cent Kelsey Grammar Kirstie Alley Jon Voight
October 20, 2020
The list of celebrities in Hollywood brave enough to risk their career to endorse Donald Trump for president in the 2020 election is growing.
Phil Robertson Trump baptizing podcast Duck Dynasty
Phil Robertson talked about the people who travel to be baptized by him, and his discussions about baptizing Trump on a Christian podcast.
Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson return to TV
Al Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame just spoke out to reveal which family member he thinks will likely soon be returning to TV.
Phil Robertson Miss Kay
Phil Robertson just found out he has a daughter. This story of redemption, faith, and forgiveness is an example of how God loves and helps restore us.
phil robertson new show
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson shared a powerful new video message about God, loneliness, and even the economy that he says ‘might just give you chills’.
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson shares his faith and quarantine tips
‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson is “totally at peace” in coronavirus quarantine as he leans into his faith and shares tips with the rest of America.
Miss Kay Phil Robertson
December 5, 2019
Miss Kay talks about her husband Phil Robertson’s dark days and how their lives suddenly changed the day he became a Christian.
Phil Robertson
October 13, 2017
Duck Dynasty fans are going to be happy about a new show. Phil Robertson is back and he promises it is on his own terms. No more political correctness!