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Big WWE Status Updates On Adam Cole, Becky Lynch And John Cena

Following SummerSlam and NXT TakeOver, we have big WWE status updates on Adam Cole, Becky Lynch and John Cena to talk about!

After a busy weekend for the company, we have big WWE status updates on Adam Cole, Becky Lynch and John Cena!

Big WWE Status Updates On Adam Cole

As promised, there are some big WWE status updates. Up first, a status update on Adam Cole.

Per several reports, most notably Fightful, Adam Cole worked his last match for NXT on Sunday night. 

In that match, he lost, 2 of 3 falls, to Kyle O’Reilly.

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Now, the wording may or may not be intentionally vague.

For a while now, we’ve known that Adam Cole’s contract status was up in the air.

Not long ago, a story got out about how Cole had been working on a very short extension. His original deal apparently expired recently, and he had extended through NXT TakeOver 36.

That show is now over, which based on reports means that Cole is at least no longer under contract with NXT.

What is not clear, however, is if he has signed on for a main roster opportunity.

Adam Cole has excelled since arriving to NXT, and at times has been compared to Shawn Michaels

So, you’d think he should have a chance to be big on the main roster. He has met with Vince McMahon recently, so that may or may not have helped.

If his deal has expired and he won’t be heading to the main roster, he won’t be lacking other options.

Surely AEW would not mind bringing him in…and it doesn’t hurt that he has a big fan there already.

We should know soon enough what Cole’s status is. Perhaps we see him show up on RAW or SmackDown soon?

Otherwise, as we learned through Malakai Black’s arrival, Cole’s NXT contract non-compete would be up in late September, most likely.

Cole might be a talent WWE cannot afford to lose…but as a free agent, it will be curious to see what Adam Cole decides to do.

Becky Lynch 

For a time, Becky Lynch was the biggest SummerSlam return. So, going forward, what is the status of Becky Lynch?

Her coming back might have the biggest impact, at least in the short-term. Unlike Brock Lesnar, we are likely to see her on a weekly basis.

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However…according to PWInsider…Becky Lynch might not have just replaced Sasha Banks in a SummerSlam match.

Apparently, the belief is that Becky Lynch will also slot in as the blue brand’s top heel moving forward.

With Lynch back to the ring and your new SmackDown Women’s Champion, a feud with Bianca Belair is up first.

One remark on whether Lynch is a heel or a face.

It’s hard to forget the rise of The Man, and how WWE wanted her to be a heel in the worst way.

Fans felt otherwise, and we saw an organic face turn, sort of. While she wasn’t on the scale of Stone Cold, I felt there were similarities.

Lync to me could be the current era’s female Stone Cold type. An anti-hero, ‘tweener.

Two other follow-ups: considering how off and on the Belair booking has been, it does make sense to stick with one and run for a while.

She was the face heading into SummerSlam…until Lynch returned.

The other?

A heel Becky Lynch does make me think of a sort of “dream” mixed tag match.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch versus Edge and Beth Phoenix.

That one is all my speculation, but I can’t believe that Edge and Seth are done just yet…and it wouldn’t take much to involve their better halves.

So, the current status of Becky Lynch is she’s back. Friday’s SmackDown should go a long way toward confirming the rest of things.

And John Cena

And what about the status of  John Cena? One half of our SummerSlam main event may not be seen much moving forward.

At least, not for a while. That is how WWE is approaching things moving forward.

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According to PWInsider, even if we all enjoyed the Summer of Cena, the future Hall of Famer has a busy schedule coming up.

As far as we know, there are at least a couple of movies coming up for John Cena. In addition to that, he will likely eventually return to shoot more episodes of his TV show “Wipeout”.

Those commitments make it hard to depend on Cena for any even semi-regular work. Effective, they make the status for John Cena “largely unavailable”.

For one thing, the scheduling can be challenging. Recent travel restrictions only add to those challenges.

Plus, certain movie contracts may include clauses that require the actor to not engage in risky activities. Studios don’t want a top actor like Cena or The Rock suffering a major injury off-set that hampers their production.

Clearly Cena enjoyed being back. He insisted on working more dates since he returned, even if he wasn’t always on television.

It’s a safe bet we will see John Cena back again…possibly to eventually break a certain record.

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