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Is Brock Lesnar Signing With AEW? Malakai Black’s AEW In-Ring Debut

Is Brock Lesnar signing With AEW? WNZ has more information on their discussions. Plus, how will Malakai Black's All Elite in-ring debut go?

It has been a long while since Brock Lesnar has been in the WWE. As such, this has sparked rumors about him signing with another company. Could The Beast Incarnate be headed to AEW? Have the two been talking?

Is Brock Lesnar Signing With AEW?

Andrew Zain recently talked about Brock Lesnar rumors swirling. He addressed this during his Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast. 

Is Lesnar returning to the WWE? Or will he be heading to AEW?

A user on a popular message board recently noted that Brock had signed with another company. This was noted from a “twenty-year source.”

Zarian talked about this during his recent podcast. He helped clear the air a little.

According to Andrew, the story is that Lesnar inked a deal with another company. However, he noted he will not be joining All Elite Wrestling.

Brock Lesnar Is Not Signing With AEW

Zarian further went on to state that AEW and Lesnar have talked once in passing. There was no serious discussion. 

It’s important to note that Lesnar hasn’t signed anything with WWE at this point. It was revealed that while the company wants him, there’s been no deal inked. 

Why is Brock Lesnar still a free agent? That’s hard to say at this point.

Lesnar has had quite the run with WWE in the past. He’s always been booked to look strong.

With that said, he may be looking for a new challenge. In many ways, The Beast has done it all in the WWE.

One person who’s All Elite is Malakai Black. He’s gearing up for his in-ring debut next week.

Fans are excited to see the talent in AEW. WNZ has more details about his first match in this promotion, below. 

Malakai Black’s AEW In-Ring Debut

Cody Rhodes will face Black at AEW Homecoming. This is Malakai’s first bout with the company.

Brock Lesnar Signing AEW
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Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio reveals that the Rhodes versus Black match might have an interesting outcome. That is, it could lead to a hiatus for Cody.

Rhodes has a lot on the go. He’s working on a reality show (Rhodes To The Top) and he’s a judge on Go Big Show. 

Filming is underway for the reality show, and shooting will start for Go Big Show soon. Thus, Meltzer’s reasoning behind this.

Dave stated that Cody will be leaving for his TV, which might mean Black wins this Wednesday’s match. He noted that Black should win either way, as it is his first bout in AEW.

AEW’s Landscape Could Change

But could Rhodes suffer a storyline-related injury? That could help explain him off television for a while.

It’ll be interesting to see what AEW plans for Black. WWE dropped the ball on him big time, and All Elite could raise him to be a massive star.

Plus, with CM Punk and Bryan Danielson on the horizon, who knows what will happen next? They could change the dynamic of Malakai’s storylines.

Regardless, fans should expect a beauty of a match for Homecoming. Here’s hoping AEW books Black strong.

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