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la knight big push
March 15, 2023
All signs seem to be indicating that LA Knight has a big push coming. Plus, will we see John Cena at SummerSlam this year?
wwe aleister black plans
October 15, 2022
If he had become free, it seems WWE had big Aleister Black plans. Plus, word is that Becky Lynch is close to her return.
triple h more violence
August 10, 2022
According to reports, Triple H is bringing more violence to WWE. Plus, is Vince McMahon still involved behind the scenes?
karrion kross returns smackdown
August 6, 2022
If rumors are to be believe, another released Superstar could be back soon. Plus, WWE wanted to film Starrcast footage for future use.
still recovering from summerslam
August 5, 2022
It’s another SmackDown In A Nutshell, and I don’t know about you but I am still recovering from last weekend and SummerSlam!
triple h brings optimism
August 3, 2022
In what isn’t that shocking, Triple H is bringing optimism back to the company. Plus, there is a big change to WWE promos and matches.
Becky Lynch Injury Update
August 2, 2022
Becky Lynch is injured, but how long is her recovery? How will this affect creative? WNZ has answers! Plus, Dana Warrior leaves WWE Creative.
new game in control
August 1, 2022
It’s a huge RAW in a Nutshell, because we all know that there is now a new Game in control of the WWE creative process!
SummerSlam ushered in a new era for WWE. And the entire show was a great spectacle. But here are some little details you missed.
Becky Lynch Injured
July 31, 2022
At the biggest party of the summer for WWE, Becky Lynch might have been injured. And, backstage news on the surprise SummerSlam appearances.
this not vinces summerslam
July 31, 2022
On Saturday, in Nashville, questions were quickly answered. From almost the opening bell, this was not Vince’s SummerSlam anymore.
WWE SummerSlam 2022 Grades
July 30, 2022
The biggest party of the summer is over. Therefore, it is time to look back at each WWE SummerSlam 2022 match and hand out grades.
from atlanta to nashville
July 29, 2022
It’s SmackDown In A Nutshell time, and we are in Atlanta, heading to Nashville and on to Saturday’s big show, SummerSlam!
SummerSlam spoilers
SummerSlam is upon us. What will be in store for the 2nd biggest night of the year for WWE? What surprises does Triple H have cooked up?
SummerSlam Plans WWE Couple
July 28, 2022
WNZ has an update on the 2022 SummerSlam event, with news on original plans for a WWE couple, plus a “new” match for Seth Rollins.
red brand red hot
July 25, 2022
It’s a fresh new RAW in a Nutshell, and the red brand is hoping to be red hot in New York City as we head home to SummerSlam!
lesnar and reigns rank
July 24, 2022
With the biggest show of the season nearly here, lets talk the best SummerSlam bouts ever, and where might Lesnar and Reigns rank?
vince mcmahon retiring duties
July 23, 2022
Per official releases, Vince McMahon is retiring from all WWE duties. And while he decided to stay, they had a Lesnar replacement in mind.