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We all know he returned, but would you believe John Cena wanted more work when he came back? Plus, after the latest cuts, female NXT Superstars are worried for their jobs.

John Cena Wanted WWE More Work

In something of a surprise, John Cena wanted more work upon his big WWE return after Money In The Bank.

That news came courtesy of Cena’s appearance on Chris Hardwick’s podcast.

For years, John Cena used to tease WWE’s famous part-time Superstars…until he himself became one.


Source: custom, John Cena Twitter screenshot

The 16 time world champion had not been seen since last year’s WrestleMania, until he returned at the close of last month’s Money In The Bank.

He returned to bolster the SummerSlam main event, challenging Roman Reigns.

Turns out, WWE planned for Cena to be used sparingly from his return, up through SummerSlam.

Ever the company guy, John Cena wanted more work.

On the podcast, he said that he wanted to work as much as he could, for a couple reasons.

First, he wanted to get back in front of fans and get the ring work in. After all, he’s had a lot of time off.

Second, he wanted to do his part to help bring fans back to WWE live shows.

One great example (depending on perspective) is that Cena did not show up on television last SmackDown. He did, however, work a dark match.

With all the craziness going on, knowing Cena is, at least for a short time, all in? That has to be satisfying to the company.

However, there will naturally be some who question if the money is well spent, considering the insane amount of roster cuts we’ve witnessed.

With SummerSlam rapidly approaching, and John Cena working a lot…we shall see if the strategy works out.

NXT Superstars Worried For Jobs

After what happened on Friday, and what we’ve heard since…this one shouldn’t be a shock. NXT Superstars are worried for their jobs.

Specifically according to one report, female NXT Superstars are worried.

While it would be natural to be really nervous following Friday’s stunning cuts…that doesn’t seem to be the start of it.

According to Fightful, female NXT Superstars may have worried about their jobs once Johnny Ace returned to his Talent Relations gig.

female superstars worried for jobs

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Ace, otherwise known as John Laurinaitis, returned to that role earlier in the year.

If in fact his promotion was the trigger for the female NXT Superstars, it’s a bit more alarming.

Couple that with the recent cuts, and the expectation that more are on the way?

Or, even adding into things the understanding that NXT may be about to look very different…being worried for their jobs seems like a sane reaction.

The truly final straw might be the possibility that Triple H and Shawn Michaels no longer drive NXT.

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