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Becky Lynch Retirement News
March 27, 2023
There has been some retirement news about Becky Lynch, who did not deny the rumor. And, would Kairi Sane be open to a WWE return?
Nia Jax WWE Return
March 12, 2023
After a successful surprise WWE return at the Royal Rumble, Nia Jax goes over her mindset. And, is Trish Stratus turning heel?
grand time grand rapids
February 27, 2023
It’s time for another RAW In A Nutshell, and Brock Lesnar, Cody Rhodes and the rest of the roster are having a grand time in Grand Rapids!
Trish Stratus WWE Update
February 23, 2023
A report outlines the current status between Trish Stratus and the WWE. Plus, will fans see Edge hold a title during his last run?
monday night cage fight
February 7, 2023
It’s another RAW in a Nutshell, and after a bit of a delay, it is now finally time for our Monday night cage fight between Becky and Bayley!
prepping big anniversary show
January 16, 2023
It’s an interesting RAW In A Nutshell, as we are prepping for next week and that big 30th anniversary show in Philadelphia!
Vince McMahon Return Sell
January 6, 2023
After everything, Vince McMahon is attempting a WWE return as he wants to sell the company. And, Ronda Rousey against Becky Lynch seems off.
mercedes mone njpw debut
January 4, 2023
While we all knew it was coming, Mercedes Mone makes her NJPW debut…and fans react. Plus, will we see a RAW title change soon?
Ronda Rousey Becky Lynch
January 1, 2023
Ronda Rousey against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 39 felt like a lock, but WWE is changing direction. And, AJ Styles broke his ankle.
Becky Lynch Shoulder Update
December 8, 2022
During an interview, Becky Lynch offered an update on her shoulder. Is she okay? Plus, is Asuka changing her gimmick?
Sasha Banks Hints Return
December 6, 2022
A trademark filing from Sasha Banks hints a wrestling return. But where will she end up? Plus, Becky Lynch drops an emotional promo after RAW.
big night Washington tonight
December 5, 2022
It’s our usual RAW In A Nutshell, and it’s fixing to be a pretty big night in Washington DC tonight, with a title match on tap!
Becky Lynch Huge Bump
November 28, 2022
After the huge bump at Survivor Series WarGames, Becky Lynch speaks on the spot. And, a controversial WWE name seems to be back.
Becky Lynch Survivor Series
November 22, 2022
Becky Lynch has been out of action due to SummerSlam injury. Could she return for Survivor Series? Plus, a health update on Jake Roberts.
wwe aleister black plans
October 15, 2022
If he had become free, it seems WWE had big Aleister Black plans. Plus, word is that Becky Lynch is close to her return.
WWE Likely Staying PG
August 29, 2022
There was talk WWE would switch to a TV-14 rating, but someone decided to stick with PG. And, Seth Rollins has changed his wrestling style.
Becky Lynch Injury Update
August 2, 2022
Becky Lynch is injured, but how long is her recovery? How will this affect creative? WNZ has answers! Plus, Dana Warrior leaves WWE Creative.
Sasha Banks Naomi Returning
August 1, 2022
There are reports Sashas Banks & Naomi are returning to WWE. And, we are getting confirmation on the type of injury Becky Lynch suffered.