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ready for hollywood hangover
April 3, 2023
It’s time for another RAW in a Nutshell, and after a loaded weekend of action at WrestleMania, let’s get ready for a Hollywood hangover!
last stop before hollywood
March 27, 2023
It’s our last RAW In A Nutshell before wrestling’s biggest weekend. That’s right-it’s our last stop before Hollywood!
sami zayn top superstar
March 27, 2023
In spite of his impressive run, is Sami Zayn seen as a top Superstar? And Ronda Rousey has issues with someone in WWE.
randy orton big return
March 27, 2023
Approaching nearly a year off, Randy Orton wants a big return. Plus, WWE is being very smart about premium live events.
two weeks until hollywood
March 20, 2023
It’s yet another RAW In A Nutshell, and just as a wonderful reminder, we have but two weeks until Hollywood and WrestleMania 39.
where is pat mcafee
March 18, 2023
After a surprise return recently, where is Pat McAfee since he’s not in WWE? And some new WrestleMania 39 matches are coming.
brie nikki bella no
March 15, 2023
After a lengthy run, Brie and Nikki Bella are no more. Plus, Kane leaves the door open for a possible WWE return.
wrestlemania through rhode island
March 13, 2023
It’s our weekly dose of RAW in a Nutshell, and this week the Road to WrestleMania, it runs through Rhode Island!
wwe betting a problem
March 11, 2023
It doesn’t take a genius to realize that WWE betting could be a problem, including for Superstars. And is Gable Steveson coming soon?
reaction vince mcmahon backstage
March 8, 2023
We’ve got reaction to Vince McMahon being backstage on Monday, and reports indicate one RAW spot was nixed due to recent events.
cena back in beantown
March 6, 2023
It’s time for another RAW In A Nutshell, and among the big things slated for this evening? John Cena is back in Beantown!
grand time grand rapids
February 27, 2023
It’s time for another RAW In A Nutshell, and Brock Lesnar, Cody Rhodes and the rest of the roster are having a grand time in Grand Rapids!
brock lesnar and omos
February 27, 2023
After a stunning challenge last week, we’ve got news on Brock Lesnar and Omos. Plus, Davey Boy Smith Jr. talks about his time in WWE.
chelsea green travel issues
February 22, 2023
While she was sort of on RAW, Chelsea Green had some legit travel issues. Plus, we have a Kyle O’Reilly health update.
chambers done wrestlemania next
February 20, 2023
It’s a big RAW In A Nutshell…and all we really need to know is, the Elimination Chambers done, WrestleMania is up next!
heading home elimination chamber
February 13, 2023
It’s a big RAW In a Nutshell, as the red brand is heading home to Elimination Chamber. The next PLE is coming to us from Montreal!
Randy Orton Returning?
February 12, 2023
After such a lengthy absence due to injury, is Randy Orton returning? And, the backstage reaction to Chelsea Green coming back to WWE.
who wrote raw promo
February 11, 2023
After it stole the show, we ask: who wrote that RAW promo? And as rumors of a sale persist, how much will Vince make off of it?