In some more WWE employment news, it seems Adam Cole’s NXT contract is ending soon, or has already expired. Plus, Ric Flair is no longer part of WWE.

Adam Cole’s NXT Contract Ending

According to some recent reports, Adam Cole’s NXT contract is either ending soon…or has possibly already ended.

This contract status has reportedly caused some significant concern among WWE executives.

adam coles nxt contract expired

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If the tales of concern are accurate, this could be a troubling indicator of things going on within WWE. Adding Adam Cole’s NXT contract status to the rest of the recent Superstar releases…and it does not paint a pretty picture.

According to PWInsider, WWE executives were shocked to learn that Cole’s contract is either ending soon, or has already ended. Most had believed that the company had locked up Cole through early 2022, but it appears that his time may run out following SummerSlam.

Even if he was locked in through early 2022, his status probably should be concerning. That he’s on borrowed time now may be a much more significant issue.

Cole is a decorated NXT Champion, having held basically all the gold he could hold within the brand. Some have compared him favorably to Shawn Michaels, so you’d think the company might have big plans for his eventual main roster arrival.

Now, that arrival may never happen, depending on how things develop.

In recent weeks, WWE has cut loose several significant Superstars, most recently Bray Wyatt. On top of this, they have seen Aleister Black manage to arrive early to AEW, due to a clerical botch.

Add to that the reported signings of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan over to AEW…and Cole could be sitting pretty.

On one hand, if he wants to stay within WWE-and if the company wants him-he could ask for a king’s ransom.

However, if he does not want to stick with WWE, he would have no shortage of suitors not named Vince McMahon.

With Adam Cole’s NXT contract ending, or ended, we may find out soon enough where things stand.

Ric Flair No Longer Part Of WWE

Speaking of expired contracts…Ric Flair is no longer part of WWE.

According to Wrestling Inc, the Nature Boy requested his release from the company, and WWE granted it.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Flair may have in the works, if anything.

ric flair no longer with wwe

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The last time Ric Flair saw meaningful television time, he was involved in a program alongside Lacey Evans, back when WWE thought Charlotte Flair could work as a babyface.

That program fizzled, and we have not seen Ric Flair since.

So, he asked for and was granted his release. The report made clear this was Flair’s choice, and not a matter of WWE cutting more money from the ledger.

Someone as notable as Ric Flair could be of interest, in some way, to AEW. The Hall of Famer should not be taking any bumps, but if there is interest, surely there’d be something for him.

It’s worth pointing out that his old partner, Arn Anderson, is established in AEW. However, the two are not seemingly on the best terms, so that may not mean much in this situation.

Still, it’s another day and yet another Superstar leaving WWE.