Bronson Reed Plans Release
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Bronson Reed was apparently headed to the main roster before his WWE release on Friday. Also, Vince McMahon spoke to Adam Cole about staying and already his writers working on main roster plans.

Bronson Reed Plans Before Release

While SmackDown was airing live, WWE was making big moves in NXT. A total of twelve wrestlers and one referee were released.

The mass releases from Friday should come as no surprise since WWE has been doing them for over a year. Still, some of the names let go were main roster material.

Those names include Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish and Mercedes Martinez. In fact, Martinez briefly appeared on the main roster as part of Retribution and there were plans for Reed.

In recent weeks, several NXT wrestlers have either worked dark matches or Main Event. One of those individuals was Reed and during the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, Andrew Zarian confirmed he was main roster bound.

Now, we will never know what WWE was going to do with Reed. Maybe, that news will eventually make its way to the internet.  

Reed is a Samoan Australian professional wrestler who signed with WWE in 2019. He debuted as part of the first ever NXT Breakout Tournament, where he lost in the quarterfinals. 

He spent the last six months feuding over the North American Championship. Eventually, he captured the belt from Johnny Gargano. Forty-two days later, he dropped the belt to  Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

His last match would be July 27, when he lost to Adam Cole. A little over 10 days later and he was released.

Reed was highly praised for his agility, despite being 330 pounds. He reminded fans of the late Bam Bam Bagel Bigalow.

Adam Cole – Main Roster

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Because WWE did not pay enough attention to the details, Adam Cole could be in AEW before the months ends. Cole and WWE worked out a deal to keep him around until at least Takeover 36.

Apparently, before Friday’s SmackDown, Fightful Select reports Vince McMahon and Cole spoke. It was stated “the meeting went well” and McMahon has “taken a liking” to the former NXT Champion “on a personal level.”

So, for those that want Cole to remain in WWE, that could be good news. At the same time, McMahon told his writers to work on main roster storylines for Cole. 

As of now, there is no word on if Cole will re-sign with WWE. Of course, his girlfriend, Britt Baker, is the AEW Women’s Champion.

Basically, the ball is in Cole’s court. While nothing is confirmed, it seems WWE and AEW are the best options for the former NXT World Champion.

There have been conflicting reports if AEW has already reached out to Cole.  

Takeover 36 could paint a picture for what the future holds for Cole. At the event, he will look to end his trilogy with Kyle O’Reilly and win the feud. 

Although, if Cole loses, that could be a sign he is jobbing on his way out. Often, WWE has someone go over the person departing their company.

Takeover 36 is on Sunday, August 22. In a first, SummerSlam will take place the day prior. 

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