Vince McMahon Is Pushing These WWE Superstars

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has his own favorites on the roster, which can expect a push in the nearby future. These are Vince's current favorites.

When Vince McMahon likes you as a WWE superstar, you are set for a big push. This is certainly the case for the following superstars, which are rumored to be on Vince’s favorites list.

Nia Jax

Vince McMahon is hyped on Nia Jax at the moment

With Becky Lynch leaving wrestling for a while after announcing her pregnancy, Vince is looking for another superstar to lead the women’s division. According to rumor, Nia Jax may be that woman in the eyes of Vince McMahon.

Since her return, Nia Jax received decent bookings and pretty much dominated the Raw roster. This shows that Asuka and Nia are likely to be the main women on the roster. 

Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal recently returned from injury

Another superstar who recently returned from injury is none other than Jinder Mahal. Like Nia, he received strong bookings since his return.

One of the recent victories Jinder Mahal enjoyed since he returned from injury was against Akira Tozawa. Many believe Vince is booking Mahal strongly to give him a title opportunity against Drew McIntyre in the near future.

While I was critical of Mahal during his first run, I also saw his wrestling improve dramatically during his title reign. Of course, I still favor McIntyre over Mahal.


Asuka is a strong competitor, and it took Vince a while to see that in her. Fortunately, it seems Asuka is now on Vince’s list for a serious push.

Contrary to Mahal and Jax, Asuka has not suffered any serious injuries in recent history. She is also popular among fans, which means the WWE does not have to do much to get her over.

When it comes to bookings, Asuka arguably has the best ones from all the superstars in this overview. She is also the current Raw Women’s Champion after Becky Lynch’s departure.

Apollo Crews

The most surprising superstar in our list

Now this one surprised me the most when I read recent rumors. If correct, then Vince McMahon is giving Apollo Crews the opportunity he’s deserved for so long.

Vince never took to Apollo Crews, which was clear by the way he was booked in the past. Of course, this makes me wonder if Paul Heyman had a hand in this.

Aleister Black

Aleister Black is the most obvious superstar in this overview

Out of all the superstars that are on Vince’s rumored list, this one is the most obvious. Aleister Black clearly received a push over the past couple of months, hinting he might become an A-lister in the future.

Black is obviously an excellent choice. When he first came up on NXT, I often compared him to The Undertaker, and I think he has the potential of becoming a legend.

Why These Superstars?

Vince McMahon

All of the superstars on the list deserve a push in my opinion, so it is more of a question why these superstars were selected in the eyes of Vince McMahon. If I am completely honest, I do believe Paul Heyman has a hand in this if the list proves correct.

Raw does have strong champions in Drew McIntyre and Asuka, so it remains to be seen if these superstars will get more championship opportunities on the Raw roster.

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