Jinder Mahal Change, CM Punk Books Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy

Jinder Mahal Change

Recently returned Jinder Mahal may already be undergoing a change. Also, CM Punk was not the biggest fan of how Becky Lynch simply handed over the title to Asuka.

Jinder Mahal Change

Jinder Mahal just returned to WWE television, and he seemed to do so as a heel. That role may be changing already.

In case you haven’t noticed, WWE has been watching their TV ratings slide. As such, they are willing to get creative to try and correct things.

They’ve considered relaxing the brand split, for one. They are also looking at who should, or should not, be a babyface.

Jinder Mahal is one who is being considered for such a change.

WWE Champion To Be Stripped

The former champion has predominantly worked as a heel. During his championship reign, he was a heel in the United States, but he was beloved in India.

Now, WWE is warming to the idea of having Jinder Mahal work as a babyface in the United States too. While Jinder Mahal is not the biggest name on the roster, it’s still a curious change.

Jinder Mahal may not be the most significant name, but he was a very strong heel, all things considered. Changing him from a role he was strong at, to one he hasn’t tried out stateside is a bit of a risk.

That said, having seen Jinder Mahal outside a WWE ring during the Drew McIntyre Network special, I do realize he could be a compelling and engaging character. It will be interesting to see how things unfold for Mahal and WWE.

CM Punk Books Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy

On RAW, fans got to witness a special moment. The show opened with Becky Lynch announcing that she was pregnant.

Therefore, she relinquished the RAW Women’s Championship to Asuka. The day before Asuka, had won the Money in the Bank briefcase.

During WWE Backstage, CM Punk spoke about the angle. His vision was somewhat different than what ended a 400 day title reign.

“Personally, I think it’s a missed moment, a missed opportunity — to have that lovely dovey moment, oh, Asuka is very happy for you, congratulations, and then a [shot] right in the face,” said Punk. “I think they really missed out on that, I’m a heel at heart, that’s what I would have done.

“Then the void is filled, you have this monster, evil woman at the top of the women’s division,” continued Punk. “And everybody’s chasing her, they want revenge for Becky, they want the title. 

“Can they stop Asuka? Nobody’s ready for Asuka!”

If Lynch does decide to to return to WWE, that will not be WrestleMania 37 at the earliest. For now, fans needs to adjust to the WWE change and Lynch must prepare for motherhood. 

In conclusion, WWE had to work quick and it might be best that Lynch avoided getting physical.