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Why Asuka Won MITB Briefcase, Rey Mysterio Program Fizzles

Now that we know Asuka won the MITB briefcase, we can ask the bigger question of why. Also, a Rey Mysterio program seems to have fizzled and died.

Last night, Asuka was one of two Money In The Bank winners. Now, we see a bit more as to why she won the women’s briefcase. Also, we are hearing of a pitched Rey Mysterio program that did not make the cut.

Why Asuka Won MITB Briefcase

Fans love to speculate on who is going to win a big match, and Money In The Bank is no different. Now that we know who, it’s time to ask: why did Asuka win the briefcase?

Per the Wrestling Observer, WWE may see the briefcase as a means to have Becky Lynch lose the title without necessarily losing any of her momentum.

why asuka won briefcase
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Lynch seems poised to take some time off, for what it’s worth. While she did just set a title reign record, she also has projects lining up for outside of WWE.

What may be most interesting in all of this is the timing aspect. Right now, fans aren’t in attendance.

WWE has already done two PPVs without fans, and while the action is largely the same, the energy is not. It’s hard to deny that the fan element is sorely missed.

That missing element would be magnified for something as significant as the eventual briefcase cash in. 

Would WWE dare do a cash in (or two) without fans there to pop? We may be finding out sooner or later.

After all, while some sports are beginning to return, no leagues in the United States have even begun to announce plans for fans to return. It could be a long time before WWE has fans in attendance, even though they do have some clearance for that in Florida.

Asuka does have history with Becky Lynch, so there’s enough to work with to make things interesting. Or, WWE could go in a completely different direction and have Asuka cash in against Bayley.

Or even Charlotte Flair…

Rey Mysterio Program Fizzles

Everyone remembered being introduced to Rey Mysterio’s much taller son Dominick. We haven’t seen that son lately, and it seems that the program has fizzled.

There is a strong chance at this point that we may not see any more of Rey and Dominick together on screen either.

Per the Observer, Mysterio’s contract is slated to run it’s course later this year. Thus far, there’s nothing pointing to a likely extension.

Given WWE’s recent cost-cutting moves, it would seem more likely that the company would opt to move on from the eventual Hall of Famer.

With things very much up in the air due to the pandemic, and Rey’s contract wrapping up soon, it looks unlikely that we will get another Dominick and Rey moment on television.

For those of you keeping track at home, if we get no more on the family program, it would be just another on a long list of abandoned WWE programs.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Mysterio re-signs and WWE revives the program. Just, as of this moment, it does not look especially likely.

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