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will wwe talent want out
source: @justalyxcentral, twitter, screenshot
April 5, 2023
After a depressing RAW after WrestleMania, will some WWE talent want out? Plus, is Andrade free from AEW soon?
wrestlemania match cut short
source: @skwrestling_, twitter, screenshot
April 3, 2023
You may not have noticed, but a WrestleMania match was cut short. Plus, the rumors are true-WWE has been bought…
mcmahon involved at wrestlemania
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot
April 3, 2023
Not all that shocking, but Vince McMahon was involved at WrestleMania 39. And after they fought, find out why Cody…
WWE Reportedly Sold Endeavor
Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot
April 2, 2023
Reportedly, WWE will be sold to Endeavor; who also own the UFC. It seems many top WWE officials will stay,…
United States Donald Trump
Source: @JustTalkWrestle, Twitter, Screenshot
March 30, 2023
The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has been indicted. Precise charges are unknown at this time.
wwe sale heating up
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot
March 29, 2023
It's been a long time coming, but it seems the possible WWE sale could be heating up. Plus, could Stephanie…
reaction vince mcmahon backstage
source: @seanrosssapp, twitter, screenshot
March 8, 2023
We've got reaction to Vince McMahon being backstage on Monday, and reports indicate one RAW spot was nixed due to…
NXT Star In Limbo
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot
February 23, 2023
According to a report, an NXT star's main roster call up is in limbo. Plus, what is Pat McAffee's status…
what vince mcmahon wants
source: @nypost, twitter, screenshot
February 20, 2023
We are now hearing what Vince McMahon wants as a sale price, and reports have come out that WWE signs…
who wrote raw promo
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot
February 11, 2023
After it stole the show, we ask: who wrote that RAW promo? And as rumors of a sale persist, how…
Sami Zayn Royal Rumble
Source: @SamiZayn, Twitter, Screenshot
January 27, 2023
With the Royal Rumble only days away, there is a huge rumor about Sami Zayn. And, does Triple H see…
executives claim no changes
source: @brwrestling, twitter, screenshot
January 14, 2023
After a meeting, executives claim no changes to creative in WWE. And this won't surprise, but Vince McMahon clashed with…
Tony Khan Buy WWE
January 13, 2023
Tony Khan is busy with AEW, but his family might be able to buy WWE. And, The Judgement Day are…
vince mcmahon ultimate heel
source: @justalyxcentral, twitter, screenshot
January 12, 2023
Hard to believe it might happen, but if it does, the potential Saudi Arabia deal makes Vince McMahon wrestling's ultimate…
WWE Sold Saudi Arabia
Source: @Official_WSB, Twitter, Screenshot
January 11, 2023
WWE is going to be sold to someone and rumors state Saudi Arabia will make the purchase. Although, there are…
stephanie mcmahon leaves wwe
source: @nypost, twitter, screenshot
January 11, 2023
In a bit of a stunner, Stephanie McMahon leaves WWE on Tuesday. Plus, soon a free agent, could Jay White…
william regals return risk
source: @wrestingnewsco, twitter, screenshot
January 9, 2023
Only back a week, William Regal's WWE return might already be at risk. And, at a recent show, an AEW…