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Joy Behar Sex Strike
Joy Behar wants women to use sex strikes, meaning to withhold sex from men, to protest the potential overturn of Roe V. Wade.
gender reveal
April 23, 2021
A New Hampshire gender reveal party resulted in an explosion that was felt 20 miles away. A Ring doorbell video captured the impact.
Olivia Newton-John Grease
February 2, 2021
Olivia Newton-John calls out haters who want to cancel “Grease” for being “rapey” – she thinks everyone needs to calm down and lighten up
Zac Brown
Country music star Zac Brown took to social media to issue an emotional plea to millennials to stay off the beach as we continue to deal with coronavirus.
Piers Morgan millenials
Piers Morgan tasks millennials to task for being so selfish and spreading coronavirus beacuse it doesn’t pose a serious risk to their health.
Hillary Duff Millennials
Hillary Duff has spoken out to blast her fellow millennials for continuing to go out partying instead of quarantining themselves amidst the coronavirus.
Secret Santa
November 26, 2019
A new study has found that many millennials want to ban the practice of “Secret Santa” in offices over the holiday season because it “gives them anxiety.”
"Star Trek" actor William Shatner goes head-to-head with millennial keyboard warriors on Twitter trying to belittle him with a "Baby Boomer" crack.
November 7, 2019
“Star Trek” actor William Shatner goes head-to-head with millennial keyboard warriors on Twitter trying to belittle him with a “Baby Boomer” crack.
teaching about WW II
November 4, 2019
Reality TV and Instagram star Freddie Bentley thinks teaching about World War II in school negatively impacts teens’ mental health.
Instagram obsessed millennial gender reveal turns deadly when explosion takes a life
October 28, 2019
Gender reveals are all the rage amongst the Instagram obsessed millennial generation. One gender reveal party turned deadly with an explosion.
Washington, DC
A disturbing video shows how ignorant many Americans are about our country’s history when they can’t say who Washington, DC was named after.
seinfeld offensive
January 3, 2019
The humorless scolds are at it again, this time calling out jokes from the iconic television show “Seinfeld,” popular in the 90s and still beloved today.
Bird Box Challenge
January 3, 2019
Sandra Bullock’s new Netflix thriller Bird Box is all anyone is talking about and because of the film’s growing popularity, a viral challenge has been born.
millennials baby boomers
September 17, 2018
Ellen DeGeneres egment called Baby Boomers vs Millennials highlights the hilarious pop culture differences between these two generations.
john rich socialism
July 23, 2018
The news that millennials are supporters of socialism isn’t sitting well with Country music star John Rich of Big and Rich.
#InMyFeelings Challenge falls
July 18, 2018
Millennials who survived the Tide Pod Challenger are now literally jumping out of moving cars while taking part in the #InMyFeelings Challenge.
30 year old evicted parents house
May 24, 2018
Michael Rotondo just doesn’t get it. The 30-year-old New York man has been ordered to leave his parents’ house by a judge, yet the freeloader plans to continue fighting to stay rent-free with his parents. In a rather bizarre interview with CNN, he explains why but ends up looking even worse.