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Country music star Zac Brown took to social media yesterday to issue an emotional plea to millennials to stay off the beach as we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. 

Video of Brown’s plea was shared to Instagram by the singer’s manager Scooter Braun, who captioned it, “Beyond proud of Zac for using his voice and so sorry for him for the action he had to take. We are better than this. Take it seriously and let’s come together.”

Zac Brown Discusses Laying Off Staff

The lead singer of the award-winning Zac Brown Bandc became emotional while taking our his tour cancellations and postponments. He  explained that the tour being on hold led to him having to lay off most of his staff. 

“It’s a hard day today,” Brown began.

“For the last 15 years, my crew and who I carry with me out on the road to do my shows and do what we do — I’ve had to let go of about 90 percent of my family, the people that I travel with and do my business with. The people I high-five ‘em way off to the side of the stage and the people who have done their jobs and done ‘em well. I hate having to make this call, but I can’t generate out there and I can’t tour because of the coronavirus and everyone’s safety.”

Zac Brown Pleads With Fans

The “Chicken Fried” singer went on to send a message to those who continue to not take this pandemic seriously, particularly to the young millennials who have continued to go out partying. 

“I’ve got this message that I want to say to the people that aren’t taking this seriously, and the people who are out partying and the people that are sitting on beaches and the people that don’t care if they get this virus or take it home to their grandparents and maybe kill their grandparents or complicate their lives.

The longer that America doesn’t take this seriously and doesn’t stay in and try to contain this, the longer that everyone’s gonna be out of jobs; the longer that we’re gonna be pushed into this recession that we’re all about to enter into. The sickness has just begun here. It’s just started to rear its head. So you need to wake up. You need to stay indoors and try to socially distance yourself and stay inside. Because America can heal from this. America can come together.”

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You can watch Zac Brown’s emotion please in the video below.

Surgeon General Asks Celebrities To Tell Their Fans To Stay Home

This comes after Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams called on celebrities and social media influencers to urge their followers to adhere to the social distancing guidelines and to stay home.

“We need to get our social media influencers out there and helping folks understand that, look, this is serious. This is absolutely serious. People are dying,” Dr. Adams said while appearing on Good Morning America. “But think about your grandmother, think about your grandfather, think about the fact you’re spreading a disease which could ultimately be what kills them.”

If people – especially Millennials – won’t listen to medical experts, maybe they will listen to their favorite entertainers.

We applaud Zac Brown for using his platform to do some good and urge his fans to stay home while we continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, his fans will listen to him. 

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