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A hilarious yet disturbing video shows just how ignorant many Americans are these days about our country’s history.

In the viral video, conservative media analyst Mark Dice takes to the streets of the United States to ask passersby who our nation’s capital is named after, and he was stunned by just how many people were completely clueless as to who the capital was named after. While many older folks that Dice talked to knew right away that our capitol is named after George Washington, millennials, in particular, were totally ignorant about who Washington D.C. was named after.

“What historical figure is the city of Washington D.C. named after? That SHOULD be common sense, right? Well, not anymore,” the video description reads. “Media analyst Mark Dice asks random beachgoers in San Diego who our nation’s capital is named after and you’ll see their answers are sad and shocking. Many Americans are getting dumber by the day. You better wake up before it’s too late.”

Sad State of Young People

While the video is funny to watch, it’s also a sad reminder of how little young people care about our great nation’s history right now. With modern liberals constantly bashing the United States, young people have less respect for our country than they ever have before. Since the leftwing media is constantly telling kids that our country is racist and problematic, youths have absolutely no interest in learning the history of what exactly has made our country so great.

Social media users have been left stunned by the video, which has been viewed over one million times.

“They don’t even know George Washington?? Really??” one shocked internet user commented, with another adding, “It’s not even funny, it’s sad and scary.”

“Unbelievable how the foreign tourists from Europe know about US better than the ones who have lived here their entire lives,” a third user wrote. “And these dummies expect minimum wage to give them comfortable lives.”

Videos like this really do make me fear for the future of this great nation. Lord help the next generation of Americans!

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