Gender Reveal Using 80 Lbs Of Explosives Results In Damage To Homes

A New Hampshire gender reveal party resulted in an explosion that was felt 20 miles away. A Ring doorbell video captured the impact.

A New Hampshire gender reveal party resulted in such a big explosion that it was initially believed to be an earthquake. Now, people in two different states want some answers as their house foundations have cracks as a result. 

While many of us just waited until the birth to learn the gender of the baby, this is no longer the case.

Ultrasounds have given parents a heads up for decades, but the new trend is to have a party announcing the sex of the child.

Many millennial couples choose to use balloons or a blue or pink cake, a New Hampshire couple used 80 pounds of the explosive Tannerite to help get the word out they are having a boy.

It’s A Boy!

While the blue chalk was contained to the mine where the reveal occurred, the enormous blast was felt for miles.

It was even captured on a Ring doorbell video that showed everything shaking.

The explosion was heard and felt across state lines. People reported being affected in Massachusetts. This certainly wasn’t your average gender reveal party. 

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While noise often comes from the mine, it doesn’t usually come after regular working hours. This happened at 7 pm.

One resident said she had never heard any sort of explosion that loud from the mine before.

At first, people thought it was an earthquake. Some people reported their water turned brown and yellow after the shock. 

“We heard this god-awful blast,” Sara Taglieri, who lives near the quarry, said. “It knocked pictures off our walls … I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme.”

Kingston Police were flooded with 911 calls from people who felt the blast. It affected people 20 miles away! 

When police arrived at the Torromeo quarry, they found the people responsible for the explosion. The person who set it off admitted as such. 

Structural Damage To Homes

Several people claim there was structural damage to the foundations of their homes. The blast was that strong. 

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Tannerite is legal and it’s used for firearms practice.

But 80 pounds of it can cause quite a commotion. This couple wanted blue chalk to disperse into the air.

They got much more than that by using such a large amount of explosives. 

While people are thrilled to be welcoming a new baby, there are more productive, safer, and cost effective ways to making the announcement.

This couple is possibly facing a big bill from the destruction the explosion caused. 

Other gender reveals using explosions have caused extreme damage like the one in Arizona mentioned in the tweet below.

A news report about this shocking gender reveal can be watched in the video below. 

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