Millennials Are Now Claiming ‘Seinfeld’ Is Problematic

seinfeld offensive

The humorless scolds are at it again, this time calling out jokes from the iconic television show “Seinfeld,” popular in the 90s and still beloved today. We’ve long heard and understood, on some level, the criticisms over shows like “All In The Family,” but finding “problems” in shows like “Friends” and now “Seinfeld” is patently ridiculous.

“Seinfeld” aired on NBC from 1989 to 1998

The worst aspect of said humorless scolds is how boringly predictable they are. One of the most popular lines to ever come out of the show was in the episode titled “The Outing,” where Jerry and George are mistakenly assumed to be a gay couple. As the mistake was discussed throughout the show, anytime someone scoffed at the idea of Jerry and George being gay, they’d quickly tag on, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

The show “Friends would later use the phrase “not that there’s anything wrong with that” as a call-back to “Seinfeld”

“Seinfeld” went out of its way to correct any negative connotation about making it a joke that two very straight male characters were assumed to be in a same-sex relationship. But, today, it’s “really not that funny now,” according to an article calling out 13 Jokes From “Seinfeld” that were found to be offensive.

In another episode, now deemed distasteful by the woke class, is one where Jerry goes out of his way to be politically correct and sensitive to a woman who is Native American. Jerry worked so hard not to accidentally offend her that he avoided saying he made a “reservation” for dinner and bought tickets from a “scalper.”

Of course, the thing that people who criticize sitcoms always seem forget is the fact that they don’t have to watch them. “Seinfeld” was never meant for everyone. People either love it or hate it or simply don’t understand it and think it’s overrated. A lot of things in life are like that.

“Seinfeld” was imminently self-aware of what it was and was not. Saying their jokes about trying not to offend is, in fact, offensive is not a criticism worthwhile.