Bird Box Challenge

Sandra Bullock’s new Netflix thriller Bird Box is all anyone is talking about these days and because of the film’s growing popularity, a viral challenge has been born.

In the film, Bullock plays a woman trying to get two children to safety five years after an unseen entity drove most of the population to suicide. Since seeing the entity is what causes the suicides, Bullock and her children are blindfolded for most of the film as they try and make their perilous journey.

One would think it goes without saying that people should not blindfold themselves while trying to run around their neighborhoods, but millennials have quickly sunk to a new low of recklessness and made “The Bird Box Challenge” go viral.

The challenge was kicked off by YouTube stars like Morgan Adams, who has scored over two million views in just four days for a video of her doing a 24-hour version of the challenge.

Yahoo News reported that social media users have since been posting photos and videos of themselves carrying out the challenge. As often happens with these silly challenges, people have been trying to outdo each other by carrying it out the most dangerous way that they can.

Parents are even involving their young children in this nonsense.

Things have gotten so bad that Netflix was forced to issue a warning to fans not to take part in the challenge. Clearly, the streaming service saw this was escalating to a point where someone could be seriously injured.

However, since those taking part in this challenge are ignoring basic common sense in the first place, we doubt that they’ll heed Netflix’s warning at all.

This is far from the first idiotic challenge to go viral among this young generation. It has not been long since the Tide Pod Challenge and the KiKi Challenge were sending youths to the hospital left and right. As the buzz around Bird Box continues to grow, don’t be surprised if this challenge keeps spreading and people start getting hurt.

Lord help us in the decades to come as this generation starts running the country!