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When it comes to comparing two generations, it is easy to identify major differences. We grow up in different eras and often aren’t familiar with much of the pop culture from those who came before or after us. Ellen DeGeneres decided to highlight the generation gap in a segment called Baby Boomers vs Millennials.

Many of us grew up with a completely different brand of television than we see being broadcast today. We watched shows like “I Love Lucy” and “The Carol Burnett Show.” Nothing like those shows are being made today so unless they watch Nick at Night, millennials won’t know what they’re missing.

The same can be said about Baby Boomers. Many aren’t familiar with the terms that young adults use, nor know about their social media lingo. That’s why this video is so funny.

It’s hard to imagine someone not being able to name all the members of The Beatles, but the millennial Ellen spoke with couldn’t. Fortunately, she at least knew the two most famous members.

When Ellen asked, “Who can turn the world on with a smile?” I wanted to scream MARY TYLER MOORE! But, the millennial didn’t know. Ellen as met with the same cluelessness when she asked about “The Andy Griffith Show.” She and many in the audience tried whistling the theme song for the girl, but the younger people just didn’t understand what was going on.

“We were so patient,” Ellen said. “We would listen to a theme song that was just a whistle.”

The video below is a lot of fun. It highlights how generations have very different childhoods.

This isn’t the only time Ellen has played this game. In another segment, the millennial astoundingly had never watched “I Love Lucy” This is hard to imagine as even Ellen admitted that it should be required viewing!

If these videos made you laugh, click here to see a teen try to use a rotary phone. The poor kid couldn’t figure it out, but it was something simple we used every day!

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