30 year old evicted parents house

Michael Rotondo just doesn’t get it. The 30-year-old New York man has been ordered to leave his parents’ house by a judge, yet the freeloader plans to continue fighting to stay rent-free with his parents. He doesn’t even do any chores! In a rather bizarre interview with CNN, he explains why but ends up looking even worse.

Rotondo is the poster child for what is wrong with millennials. He’s so entitled that he doesn’t believe his parents have the right to get him to leave their house. He’s been staying there for eight years and he doesn’t even have a job! He just doesn’t appear to want to grow up. He believes it’s cruel that his parents want him to get a job and his own place, even saying these requests are “attacks” on him! It’s not mean, Rotondo, it’s the reality of being an adult!

Captain Millennial sat down with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin for perhaps his most embarrassing interview yet. It’s abundantly clear that he doesn’t understand he is a laughingstock. He is too busy feeling entitled to something he hasn’t earned to understand the real world.

Rotondo explains that he doesn’t even want to reconcile with his parents, but he wants to continue living there rent-free. He attempts to say that he can’t work because trying to appeal the court’s decision to take custody and visitation of his son away is a full-time job in itself. But, if this man can’t take care of himself, how is he going to take care of a child?

This deadbeat tries to claim he is not a millennial because he is conservative. If he were conservative, he wouldn’t be squatting at Mom and Dad’s house. He would be out WORKING! Recently, Rotondo even sued Best Buy for gender discrimination because they wouldn’t let him have Saturdays off and because he wasn’t placed in the cell phone department. He doesn’t see that he is not entitled to everything he wants!

His parents obviously didn’t teach him responsibility and now they are really paying the price!


This freeloader was offered a $1000 a month gig by CamSoda to live-stream his life. That’s easy money and he obviously doesn’t mind embarrassing himself. His parents also offered him $1100 to get out of their home. But, Rotondo keeps turning things down. It’s hard to imagine he wants to leave as he claims.

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Source: Daily Wire

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