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Former Disney star and Cheaper By The Dozen actress Hillary Duff took to Instagram to blast her fellow millennials who are continuing to go out partying instead of quarantining themselves amidst the coronavirus pandemic. She warns her generation to think of someone other than themselves in this time of crisis. Duff’s words are punctuated by the below video of Italian residents warning their free-wheeling 10-day-ago selves of the dire chaos to come.

Hillary Duff Warns Millennials To Heed Coronavirus Protocols

Fox News reported that Duff posted a video to Instagram on Sunday in which she told “young” people to stay at home.

“To all you young millennial a–holes that keep going out partying: go home,” said Duff, 32. “Stop killing old people please.”

The video is no longer on the Instagram story of the TV Land “Younger” actress. But you can still watch a saved version below.

As you can see, the 32-year-old gets right to the point. She’s not impressed with her peers.

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Duff also asked her followers for suggestions of things she can watch with her family while they are quarantining themselves at home.

Experts Call For People To Practice “Social Distancing”

Hilly Duff’s warning follows the CDC urging the public to practice “social distancing”. This is the best way to protect others from the highly contagious coronavirus.

“Social distancing for COVID-19 means avoiding places or gatherings where you are likely to be exposed to respiratory droplets from others – directly or on surfaces,” said Dr. Jill Grimes, an urgent care physician at the University of Texas. “We know this virus is spread primarily by these droplets, up to a distance of roughly six feet (from a cough or a sneeze) and so avoiding areas where people are physically closer than six feet is key.”

“If you have any chronic disease or condition that weakens your immune response, now is the time for you to practice social distancing to decrease your own exposure,” she continued. “Additionally, even if you are low risk (healthy, young), social distancing can reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 and passing it on to someone around you that is at risk.”

Despite calls for people to stay home over the weekend, young people were seen out partying. They filled their local bars and restaurants.

Last week, police were forced to break up an uncooperative mob of partying college students in Ohio after classes were cancelled. An early but foretelling example of young people’s disregard for public health and safety protocols.

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Since the virus is considered more dangerous for the elderly, millennials seem to think it’s business as usual. Why should they stop living their lives because of it? Even if they can still act as carriers for the disease, infecting those around them…

Millennials Need To Watch This Video

Millennials everywhere would do well to watch this video. Quarantined residents of Italy, young and old, are sending messages to themselves ten days ago. In the videos, they caution their past selves to heed warnings and share the things they wish they knew then.

Behavior among millennials over the past few days shows what little respect they have for the elderly. It’s just too important to millennials that they go out and “party”. More important to them, apparently, than protecting the very people who created the society that they now benefit from.

The elderly deserve better than this. If there are millennials in your life ignoring social distancing protocols, please share this dose of reality with them.

They need to know what is at stake. And remember that there are people, young and old, whose lives depend on their actions.

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