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aew fires ace steel
October 19, 2022
In an expected move, AEW fires Ace Steel. And after being knocked out during last night’s show, we have a Hangman Page injury update.
gargano open wwe return
August 18, 2022
Perhaps not a shock, but Johnny Gargano is open to a WWE return. Plus, Kenny Omega is back in AEW, returning on this week’s Dynamite.
Satnam Singh AEW Debut
April 14, 2022
A recent report reveals the reason behind the AEW debut of Satnam Singh. Plus, WNZ has some insight around Tony Khan’s next announcement.
Bret Hart AEW Return
March 17, 2022
If you saw Dynamite this week, Bret Hart was teased for an AEW return. And, one wrestler looks be changing their gimmick.
roh could be sold
March 2, 2022
After some time off, there are rumors that ROH could be sold. Plus, the reason for the Cain Velasquez shooting has been revealed.
AEW Teased Jeff Hardy
February 10, 2022
Did any other fan catch the referenced that teased a Jeff Hardy debut on AEW Dynamite? Plus, A.Q.A. is being blamed for a “bad” match.
Kenny Omega Multiple Surgeries
November 18, 2021
As per a report, Kenny Omega is suffering from multiple issues and will require a number of surgeries. Plus, Full Gear hits a big milestone.
AEW Re-invent Jon Moxley
November 4, 2021
As per a report, AEW had plans to “re-invent” Jon Moxley before his current rehab stint. Plus, more information on Miro’s Dynamite appearance.
on adam cole nxt
August 4, 2021
It’s another day with another dose of the latest on the Adam Cole-NXT contract front. Plus, AEW spent big on a special theme on Dynamite.
superstars support piper niven
June 16, 2021
After some fans got after her online, Superstars offered support for Piper Niven. Plus, in big news, AEW is taking over the Big Apple soon.
Superstar Might Change Brands
RAW is seeming kind of thin, so there is talk that a superstar might change brands. Plus, AEW Dynamite will be changing channels soon.
aew to begin touring
Here are words fans have been waiting a year: AEW is to begin touring again shortly. And, who does Paul Heyman want in the WWE Hall of Fame?
Charlotte Flair Time Off
April 22, 2021
Charlotte Flair been “suspended” from WWE, so what’s the real reason behind her time off? Plus, more details on AEW’s Blood and Guts match.
Kenny Omega Jon Moxley
November 15, 2020
The timing of Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley was done due to low ratings. And, an ex AEW champion is out after suffering an ankle injury.
WWE Shaq Out Shape
November 12, 2020
WWE wanted to bring Shaq in to wrestle, but they said he was always out of shape. And, a future AEW star looks to be headed for a face run.
AEW Debuting TNT Show
September 7, 2020
Tony Khan and AEW have done well thus far, and now Khan is providing an update on the promised second show. Also, what was planned for AOP?
Hires Back Former Producer
June 18, 2020
The WWE has hired back former producer Pat Buck, who replaces an injured Michael Hayes. And, some AEW stars have landed in trouble.
CM Punk RAW Underground
March 18, 2020
CM Punk named 3 wrestlers he would like to fight, should he decide to compete again? And AEW: Dynamite is the latest show to be impacted by the coronavirus.