superstars support piper niven
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Only on the main roster a few days, and already Superstars have offered support for Piper Niven when she was bullied online. Also, as part of a big return to touring, AEW is taking over the Big Apple with an NYC show this September.

Superstars Support Piper Niven

Monday Night RAW has a brand new member of the roster, and already Superstars are showing their support for Piper Niven.

Unfortunately, it’s coming up because Piper Niven has been bullied online since her debut on Monday.

Here’s the thing. Piper Niven is a self-proclaimed plus size performer-it’s in her Twitter bio.

superstars support piper niven

source: custom, @xoxomani_ Twitter screenshot

She is a bigger woman, but she is a world class performer and, as of Monday, a RAW Superstar.

In other words, she is living her best life and owning it, and I am one of those who is excited to see what she can do. I remember her from the Mae Young Classic, my first exposure to her, and I looked forward to more from her.

So it is disappointing to see humanity’s worst take to social media and get on Piper Niven about her body. 

What is not disappointing? Superstars giving support to Piper Niven.

That is expected, and it is awesome.

Take a look:

Others, including Charlotte Flair and half of the NXT Tag Team Champions (Nash Carter) chimed in. Plenty of fans were supportive as well.

Considering all that she has done and shown us so far, I think fans should be excited to see what Piper Niven brings to the RAW Women’s Division. 

AEW Taking Over The Big Apple

Lots has been made about both AEW and WWE returning to live events, and the news gets bigger. AEW will be taking over the Big Apple in September.

Yes, you saw that right. AEW will bring Dynamite to New York City on September 22nd.

aew taking over the big apple

source: custom, Tony Khan Twitter screenshot

Tony Khan announced the move on one of the Big Apple’s famed sports talk radio stations Wednesday morning.

The company’s Twitter feed later confirmed the news.

It’s big news for a few reasons.

First, New York is one of the largest markets in the country (and the world).

Second, this will be the debut of AEW in New York. Having AEW taking over the Big Apple should be pretty cool.

Also, this may get under someone’s skin.

For as long as I can remember, NYC has been referred to as WWE’s “home court”. While the company is not based in Manhattan, it’s corporate headquarters is just a trip up the road away (depending on how traffic is, it could be short…or not…).

Madison Square Garden was hallowed ground, and Vince McMahon made an effort to have a major WWE show in the metro area as frequently as possible.

Look at the recent history, with WrestleManias in the Meadowlands and an extended set of SummerSlam and TakeOver in Brooklyn.

While AEW will not be aiming so big as to take over the Garden, they will be in NYC. 

I doubt anyone looked at a map and said “lets go here because it will tick off Vince”. It’s done because it’s a big market, with lots of fans, so it makes sense.

If it annoys Vince, it’s just an added bonus.

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