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Kenny Omega Needs Multiple Surgeries, Full Gear Hits Big AEW Milestone

As per a report, Kenny Omega is suffering from multiple issues and will require a number of surgeries. Plus, Full Gear hits a big milestone.

Last night during Dynamite, Kenny Omega let AEW fans know he’s going to be away for a while. There’s been a buzz that he has multiple injuries and may need a number of surgeries to correct issues. Full story, below.

Kenny Omega Needs Multiple Surgeries

Dave Meltzer talks about Kenny Omega and his ailments during a recent Wrestling Observer Radio. It sounds like he’s dealing with knee and shoulder injuries, as well as an abdominal hernia.

According to Meltzer, there are “other issues”, Omega is working through too. He’ll likely need a number of surgeries to correct these injuries.

Dave was clear that everything is still to be determined. However, he believes that Kenny is hoping for an AEW return in February 2022.

Kenny Omega AEW Return After Multiple Surgeries

Meltzer notes that the timelines are premature to offer real insight. After all, Kenny has to undergo surgeries, first.
Then there’s rehab and overall recovery. All these things can affect a comeback.

Still, Omega is likely focusing on getting better for a major AEW return. After all, he’ll want to recapture that AEW World Championship he lost to Adam “Hangman” Page at Full Gear.

Speaking of the pay-per-view (PPV) event sounds like it did well. In fact, it achieved something pretty impressive this past Saturday.

Full Gear Hits Big AEW Milestone

The Full Gear PPV took place this past weekend on Saturday, November 13th. Many AEW fans were eager for the event, and it shows.

Kenny Omega Multiple Surgeries
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Viewers excitedly ordered the PPV, and the show did not disappoint. Interestingly enough, thanks to the growing AEW fanbase, the event hit an impressive milestone.

As per a report from Wrestlenomics, Saturday’s Full Gear is the second-highest bought PPV in AEW’s history. The report notes that there were approximately 145,000 purchases of the event.

Which PPV is at number one? Well, this year’s All Out still sits at the top spot for that title.

The 2021 All Out PPV took place on Sunday, September 5th. It featured debuts from Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson.

About 205,000 fans purchased that September event. It also happened to be the 3rd annual “All Out” PPV for AEW.

It’s important to note, the 145,00 PPV “buys” are a reflection of worldwide purchases. Late buy-ins generally account for about ten percent of total PPV sales.

Good Sales, Despite Some Issues

There were some challenges for fans when buying Full Gear. U.S. fans could only use Bleacher Report to watch the event the night of, as FITE TV only offered fans replay of the show, not when the event is live.

Interesting to note that both FITE and Bleacher Report offered the All Out PPV. This was due to a B/R app update.

In addition, there were payment issues ordering the Full Gear through Bleacher Report for some fans, this time around. Here’s hoping these are rectified in the future.

Despite problems with PPV ordering, it looks as if Full Gear was a success. Not only thanks to the entertainment value brought forth from the talent and management but the buy-in from fans, as well!

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