Latest On Adam Cole-NXT, AEW Spent Big On Special Theme

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As it is turning into the hot item, we’ve got the latest on the Adam Cole-NXT contract situation. Plus, AEW spent big on a special theme recently.

Latest On Adam Cole-NXT

It’s one of the hottest items over the last few days, so naturally we’ve got the latest on the Adam Cole-NXT contract status.

Unfortunately…there isn’t yet much of a concrete update. As of this writing, Adam Cole has not signed a new contract, and according to reports, there is a reason for that.

on adam cole nxt

source: custom, Adam Cole twitter screenshot

Well, there’s probably a few reasons, but at least one is significant.

Adam Cole has not signed a new contract because…one has yet to be offered to him.

That comes via Fightful, but with a caveat. It should be an obvious one, but worth adding in there.

While a new contract has not been put in front of him yet, it is just a matter of when, not if.

Then again, just because WWE puts a new contract in front of Adam Cole does not mean anything.

It certainly does not immediately tie Adam Cole to NXT.

There is no indication that Adam Cole is absolutely re-signing with WWE, whether to stay in NXT or hit the main roster.

Should he be a free agent, he will be in high demand.

In all the reports, I did catch a glimmer of hope…though it could be grasping at straws, too.

Earlier reports noted executives were stunned about the contract situation. Further reports explained that some of the shock was that the status was leaked.

One of those not wanting the status made public? Adam Cole.

Now, it could be nothing other than Cole wanting to focus on the in ring work, but it seems like maybe he was hoping for a quiet resolution.

Add to that the understanding that his contract effectively was up, but that he is now working on an extension through SummerSlam?

That certainly seems like we might still see Adam Cole in NXT, or at least in WWE, later in 2021 and beyond.

AEW Spent Big On Special Theme

Wrestling companies other than WWE are also doing what they can for tie ins. In one recent instance, AEW spent big on a special theme for Dynamite.

Specifically, you may have noticed that the company used a song from the recent flop, the sequel to “Space Jam”.

This was discussed on a recent episode of Being The Elite. During the show, the group mentioned that the company shelled out $50,000 to use that song during the match entrance.

aew spent big on theme

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Now, for a multi-million dollar company, running a major television production…that one licensing expense isn’t so bad.

However, if we want to rip WWE for using zombies…or discuss the AEW-pizza kerfuffle…then this seems fair game too.

Licensing songs is not new. While WWE had and has plenty of original songs done by in house talent, we’ve seen some deals over the years.

CM Punk used Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality”, which incurred a licensing cost. Batista used a special song as well.

That’s without getting into Triple H working with Lemmy and Motorhead, or many others.

In those cases, however, those were themes regularly used. AEW has done that too with current talent.

Paying 50k to use a song from a movie that bombed? And which didn’t seem to share much of an audience with AEW?

50 grand seems like too much to be spending on that, or it just seems silly to me.

I mean, for all the justified grief fans gave WWE for the zombies…the company MADE money on that.

And, for all the money they made…they are still cutting top talent left and right.