roh could be sold
source: @ringofhonor, twitter, screenshot

Though they are due to come back soon from a self-imposed hiatus, ROH could actually be sold. And, after news of his arrest broke, the reason for the Cain Velasquez shooting has been revealed.

ROH Could Be Sold

Last year, the company shut down to allow for it’s own reboot, and while it’s due to re-start soon…ROH could be sold.

According to reports from Fightful, there is stronger than expected interest in the promotion.

While companies are always out there looking to make deals, and even WWE has been rumored to be for sale, this is noteworthy.

To recap where we are…

ROH announced a self-imposed hiatus at the end of 2021.

With that move, all wrestlers became free agents, and we’ve seen some jump to AEW and WWE since that announcement.

The company said they’d be back this spring, and Supercard of Honor has been announced.

However, due to the strong interest, there remains a chance that ROH could be sold.

roh could be sold

source: @ringofhonor, twitter, screenshot

One other possibility? A partnership with an existing promotion, that keeps ROH as-is, but perhaps provides a bit of support to ROH.

A wildcard to consider for all of this?

Whether it is sold, or just locking in a long-term partnership…could any of this have anything to do with that significant announcement from Tony Khan on this week’s Dynamite?

Keep in mind, we’ve heard that this announcement is unlikely to be a new signing or signings, in spite of several major free agents.

However, Khan himself did effectively say that the announcement would be a big deal for the wrestling business.

Expanding AEW by purchasing ROH is one way to make a big deal for all of wrestling. Establishing a more exclusive and beneficial working partnership would be too.

If it is ROH-related, we will know soon enough.

Reason For Cain Velasquez Shooting Revealed

Over the weekend, news of his arrest broke, and he’s been booked on attempted murder charges. Now, the reason for the Cain Velasquez shooting has been revealed.

Without context, you might be inclined to believe it is some broken down MMA fighter snapping…but context proves important here.

Velasquez, who enjoyed a brief stint as a WWE Superstar, apparently had a very good reason.

Now, to be clear: I am not condoning taking the law into your own hands. 

However, I think anyone who puts themselves in his shoes will be at least able to understand the reason Cain Velasquez did what he did.

Again…no one here is justifying it at all.

reason cain velasquez shooting

source: @BRWrestling, twitter, screenshot

That said, the reason Cain Velazquez is now charged with attempted murder? He was targeting someone accused of molesting one of Velasquez’ close relatives.

Velasquez shot at a car the suspect was in, but instead of hitting the alleged criminal, he shot the man’s stepfather.

Reading the reports about the case, the suspect is accused of molesting a close relative of the MMA star while the relative was at a home daycare center.

The suspect was brought up last Friday on the sexual molestation charges. His victim has not been revealed, but based on the charges is under the age of 14.

One can understand the reason for Cain’s response-knowing someone may have victimized someone so young and close to anyone can be unimaginable.

However, his response will likely cause him a similar amount of legal issues. That said, he is getting support from friends and fans…which is understandable.