wwe elimination chamber 2021

We’ve reached the time for WWE’s Elimination Chamber 2021 edition, getting us that much closer to WrestleMania. And it’s worth looking at the biggest hits and worst blunders from the Elimination Chamber event.

Hits could be anything-great spots, excellent matches, smart booking. Those worst blunders, the same idea applies-not just botches here, my friends!

So, what did WWE’s Elimination Chamber give us in 2021? Well, out of two Chamber matches, plenty of the expected brutality and more.

As we creep ever closer to WrestleMania, that major event comes into sharper focus. Will we know what Edge or Bianca Belair plans to do?

See, like I said, plenty of happening at the Elimination Chamber in 2021, so there are bound to be some biggest hits and definitely a few of the worst blunders.

So…without any more of a delay…let’s dive in!

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: Biggest Hits, Worst Blunders

What’s up first? How about we start bad and finish on a positive.

The Worst Blunders

Keeping in mind this is somewhat subjective, there’s always something to dislike about the now cliche cash-in after a heel destroys a babyface champion.

That’s what we had tonight, with Bobby Lashley mauling Drew McIntyre after he survived the Elimination Chamber. Predictably, The Miz then cashed in and won the WWE Championship.

It’s cliche in that it’s been done several times before. It’s also a blunder (for me, at least immediately), because we take a possible dynamite WrestleMania match and throw it for a loop.

Like, if they’d stopped at Lashley obliterating McIntyre? Those two give us an interesting ‘Mania match.

Maybe not the most high-profile, but certainly intriguing. But now, with The Miz as the champion…and not much runway until WrestleMania?

It’s unfinished, clearly, but for now I see the change as a blunder.

For another? I’d honestly go with the use of Daniel Bryan.

Look, I get it…he knows he is nearing the end of his best years, and he’s perfectly willing to put guys over and all that.

He got to win the Elimination Chamber, and in doing so, earned a shot at Roman Reigns at the PPV.

He also very quickly and cleanly lost to Roman Reigns. I call that a blunder, however, because it was not that long ago where there was chatter that Reigns-Bryan could have been a top title match in Tampa in April.

Considering we saw Edge spear Reigns shortly after…we know we aren’t likely getting Bryan in that mix. I never say never…but I’m saying no chance.

My last blunder?

It could and probably will be worked out, but it sure feels like WWE booked themselves into a weird corner now.

Check this out…wasn’t all that long ago we heard of a star-studded tag match planned for WrestleMania.

We even saw the 24/7 Champion smack The Miz again during the show…and then he was backed up by Damien Priest.

But…now The Miz is the WWE Champion. There is no way in Hell that WWE would waste their WWE Champion in a tag match during WrestleMania…is there?

Unless they plan on having Miz work two matches, one each night, one being the tag match? I mean…that COULD work…but for now, if I am a betting man, I am thinking Miz does not have the title very long.

And if The Miz is champ for less than a month (which is what I think is likely), then the timing of his cash in is yet another blunder.

But, the show wasn’t all blunders…

The Biggest Hits!

This is going to likely be a bit more succinct. There were some great moments out of the show, to be certain.

I loved Damian Priest getting a nice pop backing up Bad Bunny. It looks even better considering how the night ended for The Miz.

Both Elimination Chamber matches were superb. Fresh spots, well booked and executed matches.

I liked Daniel Bryan winning, even if ultimately we don’t get Reigns and Bryan at WrestleMania…and we don’t get another Bryan title reign.

wwe elimination chamber 2021

I liked the RAW Chamber match, even if the ending is a wee bit of a head scratcher. What happens the next RAW or two will see if it makes a lot more-or less-sense.

I did like that Riddle finally got himself a championship, even though I hate those matches where the champion doesn’t actually have to be pinned in order to lose.

However, by the end of the night, it was a bit more clear why the belt was taken off Lashley-though I do wonder if that decision, or more specifically how it unfolded, had a lot to do with Keith Lee’s situation.

In Conclusion:

That was a very loaded PPV. Lots going on, lots of implications for WrestleMania.

Edge made his decision official. We have a new WWE Champion who may or may not make it to WrestleMania.

There is still much to be done in the next month and change…but WrestleMania is definitely in a bit sharper focus now.