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wwe fired daniel bryan
February 22, 2023
It might have seemed like an angle, but now we can confirm why WWE fired Daniel Bryan. Plus, an ex-AEW talent felt unappreciated.
could jim ross be done commentating
November 13, 2021
It’s tough to think, but could Jim Ross be done commentating? And, after a couple months, Bryan Danielson’s AEW contract details are here.
on daniel bryan's wwe exit
November 1, 2021
Now that he’s settling in, we’ve got more on Daniel Bryan’s WWE exit. Plus, what’s next for Don Callis in AEW?
Bryan Danielson Less AEW
October 26, 2021
Bryan Danielson recently explains why he’s doing less matches on AEW. WNZ has more on this. Plus, and update on Chris Jericho’s cruise.
DAniel Bryan told Tony Khan All Out was incredible
September 27, 2021
AEW’s Bryan Danielson allegedly texted Tony Khan to tell him that All Out was the most incredible pay-per-view he’d ever seen.
bryan danielson says thanks
September 22, 2021
After his time with WWE came to a close, Bryan Danielson says thanks to his former home. Plus, NXT 2.0 could be edgier than expected.
September 11, 2021
It isn’t everyday we see this, but Al Snow saves the life of a young child! Plus, what is Bryan Danielson’s AEW Contract length?
AEW Bryan Danielson Wrestling World
September 10, 2021
Bryan Danielson joining AEW has shocked the wrestling world at All Out. But, it also has some repercussions for the future of pro wrestling.
Adam Cole Bryan Danielson
September 6, 2021
At All Out, fans learned Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson are part of AEW. And, after the show, both explained why they did not re-sign with WWE.
cm punk daniel bryan
September 6, 2021
Now that both work for Tony Khan, CM Punk wants Daniel Bryan…just not quite what you’d think. Plus, new details on Daffney Unger’s death.
August 2, 2021
Not a surprise, but there are doubts about the reason for Bray Wyatt’s release. And along with them, job security concerns on the rise.
aew has touring concerns
July 28, 2021
AEW has touring concerns tied to new spikes in COVID. Plus, was the Queen of the Ring location revealed, and might it be in Saudi Arabia?
Matt Cardona Nick Gage
July 25, 2021
Matt Cardona proved his toughness in a violent match with Nick Gage & here are videos And, the latest on AEW signing Daniel Bryan & CM Punk.
Daniel Bryan Signed AEW
July 22, 2021
WNZ has an update on Daniel Bryan and his signed deal with AEW. Plus, there’s also a date set for Samoa Joe and his in-ring return.
cm punk nearing return
July 21, 2021
Could CM Punk finally be nearing a return? Rumors point to yes, but we shall see. Meanwhile, the wrestling world reacts to the possibility.
wwe daniel bryan talks
July 21, 2021
What’s the latest on the WWE Daniel Bryan talks? The news may not be good. Plus, more on the NXT locker room mood post-RAW.
New Nexus Project WWE
The WWE is planning a new Nexus project, this has been revealed on social media by one of the former faction members.
pushing to keep superstar
Talent comes and talent goes, but WWE is pushing to keep one Superstar in particular. Plus, we discuss some odd backstage interview guideline.