lars sullivan reportedly released

While he managed to stick around following injuries and numerous controversies, it appears as though Lars Sullivan has reportedly been released. Also, Bad Bunny may not be done with WWE.

Lars Sullivan Reportedly Released

Many fans have likely been waiting for these words: Lars Sullivan has reportedly been released from WWE.

lars sullivan reportedly released

Sullivan has been a massively controversial lightning rod in his time with the company. In the recent past, several incidents from his past have bubbled up.

As offensive or concerning as some of them may have been, at the time, Lars Sullivan stuck around.

All signs pointed to Sullivan making a series of inflammatory comments on some message forums years back, and he stuck around.

In spite of some homophobic comments, or perhaps ironically, Sullivan’s sordid adult film career also was revealed. And yet, he was still employed.

He had been off television a lot over the last year and change, partly due to injuries and partly due to anxiety issues. Sullivan reportedly suffered a panic attack prior to hitting the ring on a show.

He had returned late in 2020, but the return was short lived.

For all the other Superstars who had been released for similar (or even lesser) transgressions, Sullivan had apparently benefited from Vince McMahon’s affinity for massive athletic freaks.

For a time, McMahon might have been the only fan Lars Sullivan had within the company. Now, his time is up and Sullivan is gone.

What’s even crazier is that, at times, WWE will put out a note confirming someone has been let go. With Lars Sullivan, PWInsider reported that his release happened at some point last month.

Sullivan, real name Dylan Miley, has gotten more active on social media of late, and he has been working out. It would appear he’s staying in shape for whatever comes next.

The big question though is, would he get another chance with a wrestling promotion? Or would a company like AEW or IMPACT feel that his history makes him too toxic?

Bad Bunny Not Done In WWE

If you caught the Royal Rumble, or even this week’s RAW, you’d know WWE had Bad Bunny get involved. Well, Bad Bunny may not be done in WWE.

bad bunny

At the Rumble, we saw Bunny fly, performing a slightly awkward top rope splash on Miz and Morrison.

On the following RAW, Bad Bunny once again appeared with Miz and Morrison. When things got hairy, Damian Priest came in to back up Bunny (making his RAW debut in the process).

Now, according to PWInsider, there will be more appearances in store for the Grammy Award winning musician.

One possibility being floated? A match, or some involvement in a match, at April’s WrestleMania.

Given how things have been going, it would seem like the groundwork for such a match is already being put in place.

Could we see Miz and Morrison battling Damian Priest and Bad Bunny? Or would Priest team with someone else, with Bunny serving as a cornerman?

There’s much to be done in the next couple months. Considering WWE loves having added star power for their biggest show of the year, continuing the relationship makes sense.