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ready for hollywood hangover
April 3, 2023
It’s time for another RAW in a Nutshell, and after a loaded weekend of action at WrestleMania, let’s get ready for a Hollywood hangover!
WrestleMania 39 Night Two
April 2, 2023
We conclude the epic weekend with WrestleMania 39 Night Two and our report card. Let us see if our grades matched what our fans scored.
wrestlemania is almost here
March 31, 2023
It’s a bigger than usual SmackDown in a Nutshell this week, and for one great reason: WrestleMania is almost here!
wrestlemania through rhode island
March 13, 2023
It’s our weekly dose of RAW in a Nutshell, and this week the Road to WrestleMania, it runs through Rhode Island!
bloodline reunion rolls on
March 10, 2023
It’s time for another SmackDown in a Nutshell, and after Monday, we expect to see the Bloodline family reunion rolls on.
Huge Solo Sikoa Match
March 5, 2023
There is a huge Solo Sikoa match that WWE has planned for the future. And, a popular NXT wrestler is legitimately injured.
roman reigns cm punk
March 4, 2023
Sitting on top of the wrestling world, Roman Reigns shoots on CM Punk just a bit. Plus, there are updates on some missing AEW talents.
blue brand capitol chaos
March 3, 2023
It’s our weekly SmackDown in a nutshell, and we are getting some blue brand Capitol chaos on Friday night as we head toward WrestleMania!
grand time grand rapids
February 27, 2023
It’s time for another RAW In A Nutshell, and Brock Lesnar, Cody Rhodes and the rest of the roster are having a grand time in Grand Rapids!
montreal screw job revisited
February 19, 2023
It wasn’t quite the Montreal screw job revisited as some had thought, but however you slice it, Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns delivered.
Elimination Chamber Report Card
February 18, 2023
The 2023 WWE Elimination Chamber is the final stop before WrestleMania 39 and we want to know if your report card matched ours.
Sami Zayn Title Win
February 17, 2023
It seemed like Sami Zayn and a title win was out of the question, but they may have changed. And, FTR does not like two AEW champions.
wrestlemania main event odds
February 4, 2023
Planned or not, we have some WrestleMania main event betting odds to talk about. And there is a Jay Briscoe family health update.
what next for bloodline
February 4, 2023
It’s a big SmackDown In A Nutshell, and the question we all want to know is…what happens next for the Bloodline?
nia jax stick around
January 30, 2023
After a surprise return on Saturday, will Nia Jax stick around for another run? And, there is some new Jey Uso drama.
the best and worst
January 29, 2023
It’s time to reflect on the Royal Rumble, 2023 edition. Which means, it is a good time to talk about the best and worst of the night.
Royal Rumble Report Card
January 29, 2023
The 2023 WWE Royal Rumble means the Road to WrestleMania is officially underway. So, we go to our report card for some grades.
happy royal rumble eve
January 27, 2023
It’s a big SmackDown in a Nutshell, as we get set to enjoy a happy Royal Rumble eve, everyone! No, for real, it is going to be a thing!