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Matt Riddle Rehab Confirmed
Source: @WrestlinRealest, Twitter, Screenshot
December 20, 2022
A tweet from an ex-girlfriend confirms what many have speculated on. That is, Matt Riddle is in rehab. Plus, WWE's…
WWE Plans Damage CTRL
Source: Source: @slate_542, Twitter, Screenshot
December 1, 2022
During an interview, Dakota Kai reveals there were original WWE plans for Damage CTRL Plus, a feud for The Miz…
November 16, 2022
Why is WWE doing WarGames at SurvivorSeries? What's The Miz's end game? Plus my wishcasting for WrestleMania
kansas city cage fight
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot
September 5, 2022
It's time for another RAW In A Nutshell, and this time we are in Kansas City for a cage fight…
summerslam runs through tampa
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July 18, 2022
It's another RAW In A Nutshell, and as the big event is coming closer, the road to SummerSlam runs through…
Logan Paul WWE
June 30, 2022
Logan Paul has officially signed with WWE. Here are the details on his deal and how long he will be…
June 14, 2022
What's the deal with WWE always doing a posedown with Lashley? Who is the favorite to win the Money in…
former superstar final match
source:@Wrestlepedia2, twitter, screenshot
May 25, 2022
A former Superstar announces his final match is coming up soon. Plus in some scary news, Alexa Bliss has been…
Monday Night Raw
April 12, 2022
Monday Night RAW was a pretty fun show, but there are a few details you might have missed if you…
twitter screenshot
April 4, 2022
WrestleMania 38 left us with a lot of unanswered questions. But part of the fun of wrestling is speculating about…
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot
February 21, 2022
We heard about it on Saturday, but who will be the mystery man for The Miz? And, the response to…
Day 1 Report Card
Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot
January 1, 2022
WWE Day 1 is a new pay per view concept, but there were many problems with the event. So, let…
November 30, 2021
On the November 29th episode of Raw, both Edge and The Miz made their returns to TV. Here's why their…
Dancing With The Stars
October 27, 2021
Former WWE star Fandango (Now known as Dirty Dango) said during a recent autograph session that he was almost in…
the miz lands big gig
source: custom, wrestling edge twitter screenshot
September 4, 2021
Reports indicate that The Miz lands himself a big gig on television. And, Chris Benoit's son David joins a Canadian…
Lana AEW
Source: Soᥲᥕᥲx, Twitter, Screenshot
June 6, 2021
If you watched Dynamite, then Miro clearly wants Lana to sign with AEW. And, The Miz provided his current status…
Miz Braun Strowman Injured
Source: WrestleTalk, Twitter, Screenshot
May 18, 2021
WrestleMania Backlash may have put two superstars on the injured list, The Miz and Braun Strowman. Plus, there's confusion over…