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Christian Return Match Set, Champ Safe Amid Heyman Exit

Is a Christian return match set? According to a WWE Hall of Famer, it is for Extreme Rules. Also, Paul Heyman may be gone, but a Heyman fave is safe.

With Extreme Rules coming up as the next WWE PPV, we are hearing that a Christian return match is set to be on that card. Also, reports indicate that a RAW Champion is safe amid the Paul Heyman exit.

Christian Return Match Set?

Could a Christian return match be set? It would have seemed unlikely, but maybe not.

In the world of professional wrestling, never say never when it comes to returns-just ask Ric Flair or Terry Funk what it means to be retired.

Relative to Christian, we did see him back in a WWE ring for an unsanctioned match on RAW this past Monday.

Christian Return Match Set
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Of course, the match was extremely short, with Ric Flair delivering a low blow that led to an Orton punt and a quick end. Was that a tease for something more substantial?

According to Booker T and his radio show, it was indeed.

Booker T, a WWE Hall of Famer, suspects that Christian will be having a proper “one more match” moment at this year’s Extreme Rules PPV.

It’s entirely possible that Christian feels inspired, seeing his former tag partner Edge enjoying his own WWE comeback. If he himself got cleared, then good for him.

The downside of such a possible return? It would happen in an effectively empty arena.

While we were fortunate enough to enjoy the actual Edge return with a packed stadium, his two return matches were in mostly empty facilities.

Champ Safe Amid Heyman Exit

Paul Heyman was ousted as RAW Executive Director. With his departure, some talent were worried they might lose their push, generated in large part by Heyman.

At least one Champion is safe amid the Heyman exit, per reports.

Asuka was someone that Paul Heyman was quite fond of, and her recent rise to the RAW Women’s Championship was due at least in part to him.

According to WrestleTalk, her position is considered safe, even without Heyman calling the shots.

Specifically, the report says that Vince McMahon is still high on Asuka as well.

That is an interesting note when you consider how Asuka was handled from her debut on the main roster.

Triple H used her as a star in NXT, where she ran off an impressive undefeated streak. She made it to the main roster and won the Royal Rumble…but then lost to Charlotte Flair. 

Indications at that point made it seem like McMahon wasn’t believing in Asuka.

If she’s champion now, and safe (or as safe as a champ can be), then perhaps Vince McMahon has come around on The Empress of Tomorrow.

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