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who wrote raw promo
February 11, 2023
After it stole the show, we ask: who wrote that RAW promo? And as rumors of a sale persist, how much will Vince make off of it?
monday night cage fight
February 7, 2023
It’s another RAW in a Nutshell, and after a bit of a delay, it is now finally time for our Monday night cage fight between Becky and Bayley!
Paul Heyman CM Punk
November 29, 2022
Paul Heyman is familiar with heat, so CM Punk adding more problems is not a surprise. And, a major update on William Regal’s AEW contract.
Paul Heyman Jake Paul
November 10, 2022
Jake Paul recently stated he’d love Paul Heyman to manage him, so how did Heyman react to this? Plus, Jeff Jarrett takes a dig at Triple H.
Stacy Keibler Playboy
August 19, 2022
Stacy Keibler was going to be in Playboy, but someone convinced her to pass. And, Tony Khan says fans see similarities in him & Paul Heyman.
could shane mcmahon return
July 25, 2022
After his father retired, could Shane McMahon return to WWE? And in light of all the changes, could Paul Heyman be in line for a new role?
Tony Khan ROH Statement
April 1, 2022
ROH & AEW owner Tony Khan made a bold statement about today’s Supercard of Honor. And, Paul Heyman has an interesting take on Cody Rhodes.
Paul Heyman MVP Successor
February 7, 2022
MVP just got a huge endorsement as Paul Heyman called him his successor. And, reaction to Melina’s short time in the Royal Rumble.
roman road to goldberg
February 4, 2022
It’s another SmackDown in a Nutshell, and Roman Reigns is on the Road to…Goldberg?! That’s right, thats next up for the Tribal Chief!
welcome home paul heyman
January 10, 2022
It’s a South Philly style RAW in a Nutshell, and we get to say welcome home, Paul Heyman as we rumble along toward Saint Louis!
CM Punk Future AEW
December 24, 2021
There are many options, but CM Punk names the future stars of AEW. And, Paul Heyman looks to have a huge role heading into WrestleMania 38.
work off the turkey
November 26, 2021
It’s our after-Thanksgiving edition of SmackDown in a Nutshell, and it’s totally time to work off the turkey on the blue brand!
Buddy Murphy Paul Heyman
July 16, 2021
Paul Heyman was a big fan of Buddy Murphy, but that might have hurt the former WWE superstar. And, a top AEW wrestler will be off TV.
Brock Lesnar SummerSlam Update
With SummerSlam plans being finalized, here’s the latest Brock Lesnar update. And, a former WWE superstar does not trust the company.
Vince McMahon's Big E
Big E has no creative plans, with Aleister Black gone, so what’s Vince McMahon’s opinion on the WWE talent? Plus, Paul Heyman on Ryback.
aew to begin touring
Here are words fans have been waiting a year: AEW is to begin touring again shortly. And, who does Paul Heyman want in the WWE Hall of Fame?
Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey
April 8, 2021
By the sounds of it, Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey’s returns are nearing. Plus, Paul Heyman talks about his contract status with the WWE.
Paul Heyman's Contract Peacock
March 24, 2021
As he enjoys time working with Roman Reigns, what is Paul Heyman’s WWE contract status? Also, WWE Network content is missing from Peacock,