Paul Heyman Being Fired

WWE has made the decision that Paul Heyman will no longer be needed as the RAW Executive Director. And, Karrion Kross’ push is being compared to Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman No Longer RAW Executive Director

Big changes are happening at WWE. The decision was made to remove Paul Heyman as the Executive Director of RAW. 

This is being done as WWE looks to streamline creative. Now, RAW and SmackDown creative teams will report to Bruce Prichard.

Meanwhile, Heyman will remain as an in-ring performer as the advocate for Brock Lesnar. WWE also cut 40% of their staff in April due to COVID-19.

In June 2019, WWE made Heyman Executive Director of RAW and Eric Bischoff the same title on SmackDown. Bischoff only last a few months before being replaced by Prichard.

Fans React

Karrion Kross’ Push

When WWE signed Karrion Kross, he came with lots of hype. The same can be said for his girlfriend, Scarlett.

After some squashes, Kross had his biggest test at NXT Takeover In Your House. In quick fashion, Kross handed former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa a loss.

The structure of the match has people making comparisons to Brock Lesnar’s debut. When speaking to Newsweek, Cross addressed those reactions.

“In a situation like that, my own perspective on what we did, I think they are less important than what the fans’ have,” said Kross. “It’s important to listen to them and listen to what they are saying because they are who we are catering to and all the comparisons I found very flattering and complimentary.”

“I was personally flattered especially if you’re going to be compared to the greatest people in the business. It’s not a bad thing.”

Being compared to Lesnar sounds like great news. Remember, WWE gave Lesnar a push right to the top when he debuted on the main roster.

About 18 years later and Lesnar’s name always means money. He crossed over to other opportunities and often found massive success. 

On the latest episode of NXT, it concluded with a warning to NXT Champion Adam Cole. Apparently, Kross is already coming for the title.