Chris Jericho's Retirement Opponent

While Chris Jericho’s retirement is not official, that day is coming sooner than later. And, Jericho has an opponent in mind for that final match. 

Chris Jericho’s Retirement Opponent

Chris Jericho is one of a handful of wrestlers who has competed in most promotions. Not only that, but Jericho is typically featured as a top draw.

Later this year, Jericho turns 50 years old and he cannot wrestle forever. Apparently, Jericho has already spoken to a familiar name about his retirement.

On Twitter, Lance Storm confirmed speculation that Jericho wants him in his retirement match.

Storm and Jericho have history dating back to Brothers School of Wrestling in 1990. Jericho met Storm on his first day of training and they are still friends 30 years later.

For now, Jericho remains busy. The former All Elite Wrestling (AEW) World Champion is arguably the biggest star for the upstart company. 

He still has a few years left on that AEW contract. And, you have to imagine Vince McMahon wants Jericho to retire in the WWE.

Jericho has always managed to tweak his gimmick enough to stay relevant. Storm is currently out of work, after WWE eliminated almost half their staff.

WWE Releases Veteran

In WWE, April 2020 will go down as a dark day. Due to COVID-19, 40% of WWE employees were let go.

Many names have been made public over the past two weeks. Now, fans can add Curtis Axel to that list.

WWE officially confirmed the release of the 10 year veteran. The son of late WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect has not yet commented.

In 2010, Axel took part in Season 2 of NXT. He did not win, but soon landed a spot in The Nexus.

After that folded, Axel went to NXT for about two years. He returned to TV with Paul Heyman as his manager and quickly become Intercontinental Champion.

Eventually, he teamed with Ryback and his partnership with Heyman ended. He did more of nothing, besides joining with The Miz and then becoming part of The B-Team.

Along with Bo Dallas, Axel would hold the RAW Tag Team Championship for about 50 days. The B-Team gimmick was that of jobbers who somehow won gold and retained.

WWE has been forced to release some big names and place lots of others are furlough. Many of the names let go will not be mentioned as they worked in corporate and backstage.

Some of the biggest names let go include Kurt Angle, Rusev and Cain Velasquez. They are only a fraction of the wrestlers let go between the main roster, NXT and Performance Center.

WWE is currently open to the idea of granting releases. This excludes talent that WWE does not want to lose.