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producer praises wwe superstar
November 8, 2021
On one hand, a producer praises a current WWE Superstar. On the other, Jon Moxley refused to lose to John Cena during his Shield run.
wwe panned blood & guts
May 10, 2021
While it may surprise you, even WWE officials panned Blood & Guts. Plus, a major AEW creative blooper has been revealed.
Sammy Guevara In Trouble
August 6, 2020
After busting Matt Hardy open during AEW Dynamite, Sammy Guevara is in some trouble. And, a wrestling star wants intergender matches gone.
Chris Jericho's Retirement Opponent
May 1, 2020
Chris Jericho turns 50 this year and already knows who he wants to compete against in his retirement match. Also, WWE has released a 10 year veteran.
Oney Lorcan Request Release
November 16, 2019
Oney Lorcan is the latest superstar to request their WWE release. Also, Lance Storm cracks a joke about Rusev and his current storyline.
WWE - Travel Woes
November 3, 2019
Now, we are leaning more about the WWE travel woes in Saudi Arabia. Also, Lance Storm is returning to WWE and AEW signed a new star.
AEW - WWE Wedding + Former World Champion A Free Agent
August 26, 2019
Wedding bells are being heard all over the wrestling world lately. After a big engagement last week, we’ve got an AEW and WWE wedding this weekend!
March 20, 2018
Numerous wrestlers and fans alike have taken to social media to congratulate Mark Henry, recount his many accolades, and sing his praises, but one tweet stands head and shoulders above the rest.
March 2, 2018
Lance Storm, did, however. He laid out what really killed WCW in a tweetstorm.┬áIt started with how they treated guys who got “over” on their own