WWE Releases More Names

“This story has been updated to include additional wrestlers who were let go from WWE.”

Yesterday, we learned WWE cut 40% of their employees due to COVID-19. Many WWE releases were confirmed and more names have been announced.

WWE Releases More Names After Yesterday’s Huge Cuts

WWE Releases More Names

Wednesday was an emotional day for pro wrestlers and fans. Vince McMahon announced that 40% of his employees would be let go or placed on furlough.

The unprecedented decision is due to COVID-19 and its effects on the economy. Not long after McMahon made the decision, dozens of familiar names were let go.

Some big names like Kurt Angle, Fit Finley, Zack Ryder and Rusev departed from WWE. For a complete list of yesterday’s releases, please click here.

Many of the backstage names were not made public. But, there was fear more releases would follow today.

And, that has already started. Several names from NXT and the Performance Center are gone.

Latest Names No Longer Part Of WWE

MJ Jenkins
Norman Smiley
Jerry Soto
Josiah Williams
Sereena Deeb
Kendo Kashin
Dan Matha
Alyssa Marino
Jon Quasto

WWE’s Next Move

There will likely be hundreds of people let go by WWE, with many being those in the backstage area. They help keep the WWE moving, but are not familiar to many people as they are not on TV.

During the phone call, McMahon said he hoped to bring back his employees when the virus subsides. The problem, is the virus is a pandemic and there is currently no vaccine.

Therefore, the number of people infected and passing away each day is increasing. Many scientists have speculated that sporting events will not return until 2021 and social distancing will remain until 2022.

Whatever happens, the world will never be the same for a long time. Honestly, the lifestyle we knew 6 months ago feels like something that will not recover. 

Right now, WWE is not running live events and their TV shows have no audience. The same goes for their pay per views, which means a huge loss in ticket revenue.

In conclusion, these are trying times for everyone. As humans, we need to do everything in our power to stop COVID-19.

Please keep checking this story as we continue to update the list. Hopefully, in time, the world can return to somewhat normal and WWE brings back their employees. 

We are all going through difficult times right now. Be safe out there and take care.

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