Originally just the son of a billionaire, Shane McMahon became one of the most hardcore wrestlers to ever live. Although he’s now a chairman and executive officer of YOU On Demand, during his career as a wrestler, he produced arguably the most famous moment in SummerSlam history.

Being born into the WWE can have its benefits, but McMahon still worked his way up the company like anybody else; he just had an easier way into the building. Initially starting his career in professional wrestling as a referee, the Shane McMahon that fans either loved or hated began to evolve in 1998 with The Corporation.

After backing Steve Austin and signing him to a contract when his father ‘didn’t want him to,’ McMahon would eventually turn heel and join The Corporation for good. During his time with The Corporation, McMahon won the European Championship from X-Pac, winning his first singles title.


After the European Title was retired, McMahon’s next big endeavour happened at the King of the Ring 1999. Teaming up with his father, Shane and Vince took on Steve Austin in ladder match for ownership of the WWF. The father and son tandem were able to win the match and regain 100 percent of the company.

After the ownership had been secured by the McMahon family, Shane feuded with Test—the soon to be husband of Stephanie McMahon. The match was a “Love Her or Leave Her” stipulation that meant that if Test won he’d be able to stay with Stephanie, but if Shane won, he’d have to stop seeing her. Test would ultimately win the match to keep his relationship with Stephanie going, but sooner than later, Shane would get his wish when Stephanie married Triple H.


Following his feud with Test, one of his moment famous moments of his career came during his rise to become the Hardcore Champion. In a rematch against Steve Blackmon for the WWF Hardcore Championship, McMahon fell roughly 40 feet from a ladder. The moment was insane and still stands as the craziest in SummerSlam history because it was so unexpected and ludicrous.


After losing his championship, Shane would return to professional wrestling feuding with his father. After Shane purchased World Championship Wrestling to the shock of Vince, he demanded that the two face each other at WrestleMania X-Seven. It’s not everyday that a father and son battle it out in a Street Fight, but WrestleMania X-Seven produced one of the most iconic matches in wrestling history. After looking down and out, Linda McMahon gave Vince a low-blow that helped guide Shane to victory, ultimately outlasting his father.


Following his victory over his father, it wasn’t too long after that Shane O’Mac would be doing more crazy things. At Backlash, Shane jumped from atop the Titantron and landed on The Big Show, creating one of the wildest moments in professional wrestling history. McMahon was always doing insane moves and this is at the top of the list, in terms of foolishness.


While McMahon’s career in the WWF would last for roughly another eight years, his feud with Kurt Angle is very well his last memorable matchup. The two faced off at King of the Ring in another hardcore monumental match. Before Brock Lesnar coined the phrase “Suplex City,” Angle was taking McMahon there during this match. Angle delivered a huge suplex on Shane through a plated glass stage, leaving him bloody and battered. After the match continued into the ring, McMahon received an Angle Slam, which led to a Kurt Angle victory. Win or lose, Shane continued to show his amazing wrestling skills and that he was far from just another suit in the corporate landscape.


After his Angle feud, It wouldn’t be long until Vince McMahon publicly fired both Shane and his sister Stephanie on an episode of RAW. It would be a few years later until McMahon would return for good to television, but his time during the ‘Attitude Era’ was much more exciting than anything afterwards. When Shane returned to wrestling, he feuded with DX and eventually with ECW Champion Bobby Lashley. His final feud came against Randy Orton and The Legacy and he would be eventually written off television due to a scripted broken leg and ankle at the hands of The Legacy.

His business career would be incredibly successful following his retirement, but he’ll always be remembered for his highflying and daredevil wrestling skills. Mastering his coast-to-coast finishing move, McMahon revolutionized the lifestyle of a son of a billionaire and excited millions of fans across the globe.

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