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randy orton big return
March 27, 2023
Approaching nearly a year off, Randy Orton wants a big return. Plus, WWE is being very smart about premium live events.
Randy Orton Return Update
March 23, 2023
Randy Orton has been out for a while and WNZ has a major update on his return. Plus, what’s Roxanne Perez’s status for Stand & Deliver?
Bryan Danielson Randy Orton
March 6, 2023
Bryan Danielson has wrestled so many talent individuals, but he calls Randy Orton ‘untouchable.’ And, Kofi Kingston was injured on SmackDown.
Randy Orton Returning?
February 12, 2023
After such a lengthy absence due to injury, is Randy Orton returning? And, the backstage reaction to Chelsea Green coming back to WWE.
William Regal WWE Comeback
December 1, 2022
Is William Regal leaving AEW? Is he headed to the WWE? WNZ has an update. Plus, it looks like Randy Orton’s in-ring return is up in the air.
when logan paul back
November 26, 2022
After conflicting news, when might Logan Paul actually be back in a WWE ring? And it looks like Randy Orton will be out a while longer.
triple h young talent
November 14, 2022
In an interesting tidbit, Triple H looked out for some young talent back in the day. Plus, could we see The Elite back at Full Gear?
Vince McMahon $20 Million
November 3, 2022
WWE has completed their investigation into Vince McMahon and it cost them $20 million. And, a huge Matt Riddle angle has been dropped.
randy orton ever returning
October 26, 2022
After months away and not a peep…is Randy Orton ever returning to WWE? And what is Bray Wyatt’s SmackDown status?
Major Concern Randy Orton
September 30, 2022
Right now, WWE has a major concern over the back injury Randy Orton is dealing with. And, AEW has offered Bandido a contract.
Matt Riddle Randy Orton
July 21, 2022
Matt Riddle recently provided an update on Randy Orton and his recovery process. Plus, Brodie Lee’s wife defends AEW.
major angle on hold
June 20, 2022
Due to some injuries, one major WWE angle is on hold. Plus, with his own injury issues, we have Bryan Danielson-Forbidden Door news.
Randy Orton Miss 2022
June 17, 2022
Randy Orton is injured and there is concern he will miss all of 2022. And, the current wrestling and Hollywood status of Karrion Kross.
mcmahon tormented bray wyatt
In a surprise twist, it seems that Vince McMahon may have tormented Bray Wyatt at times. Plus, we may know Roman Reigns’ next opponents.
WWE Tag Titles
The Usos and RKBRO will have an amazing match to unify the WWE Tag Team Titles, but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea
Big E Good News
Big E has an update about his broken neck and it is not good news. And, WWE lied about a huge match as they never planned to book it.
The April 25th RAW celebrated Randy Orton’s 20th anniversary with WWE plus some other surprises and details you missed.
party time randy orton
April 25, 2022
It’s another RAW In A Nutshell, but this week it’s party time for Randy Orton, as WWE celebrates 20 years of The Viper!