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Nick Khan Triple H
April 4, 2023
Everyone is still buzzing from WWE’s “sale” announcement. As a result, both Nick Khan and Triple H get bonuses. Plus, Asuka rants on Twitter.
WWE Brand Split News
March 28, 2023
A report sheds news on the status of WWE and its “brand split”. Plus, Cody Rhodes reveals the belt he plans to wear for WrestleMania 39.
Triple H WWE Title
March 21, 2023
Triple H has held many WWE titles in his career. As a report, he is thinking about retiring one. Plus, an update on Miro’s status with AEW.
ellering aop together again
February 20, 2023
If the rumors are true, we could see Ellering and AOP together again soon. Plus, Triple H has more comments on his returns…sort of.
the best and worst
January 29, 2023
It’s time to reflect on the Royal Rumble, 2023 edition. Which means, it is a good time to talk about the best and worst of the night.
Sami Zayn Royal Rumble
January 27, 2023
With the Royal Rumble only days away, there is a huge rumor about Sami Zayn. And, does Triple H see something special in Austin Theory?
red looks good thirty
January 23, 2023
It’s a big RAW In A Nutshell, and we have to say, that the red brand looks pretty good for thirty on it’s anniversary show!
executives claim no changes
January 14, 2023
After a meeting, executives claim no changes to creative in WWE. And this won’t surprise, but Vince McMahon clashed with his daughter.
william regals return risk
January 9, 2023
Only back a week, William Regal’s WWE return might already be at risk. And, at a recent show, an AEW wrestler snaps at fans.
controversial possible wwe buyer
January 9, 2023
As rumors of a sale persist, a controversial possible WWE buyer emerges. And could a former NXT Superstar be back very soon?
investors love vince mcmahon
January 7, 2023
After his stunning return, we can see investors love Vince McMahon. And, there’s word that his return won’t bring change to creative.
mandy rose good week
December 21, 2022
In some odd way, Mandy Rose had a great week last week. Plus, we now know for sure that Triple H values Bronson Reed.
December 14, 2022
In a bit of a surprise, some recent WWE returns might already be at risk. And, Ric Flair has, or had, a beef with Jim Ross.
Vince McMahon Another Lawsuit
December 13, 2022
A new report reveals that Vince McMahon may have to deal with a couple of new scandalous lawsuits. But could he also be making a WWE return?
triple h making mark
December 5, 2022
In case you’ve missed it, Triple H is making his mark on the brands. Plus, WWE is changing the PLE format a bit moving forward.
Stephanie McMahon Cheating Angle
December 4, 2022
There was a pitch for Stephanie McMahon to be involved in a cheating angle, but with who? And, Roman Reigns has gained some creative control.
Brandi Rhodes WWE Return
November 25, 2022
Will Brandi Rhodes return to the WWE? Cody’s wife adds insight on this during an interview. Plus, AEW reclassifies their Women’s title.
WWE Star Old Gimmick
November 22, 2022
Thanks to some Main Event taping spoilers, looks like a WWE star is bringing their old gimmick back. Plus, WNZ has WrestleMania 43 news.