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Soap Opera professional wrestling
June 19, 2020
WWE has never been shy about using soap opera like storylines to draw viewers! But, which are the top 8 soap opera moments in pro wrestling?
10 wrestling matches that defined the Attitude Era
The Attitude Era had some amazing storylines, but the matches were also fantastic. But which were the WWE matches that defined this iconic time?
Arnold Schwarzenegger Attitude Era
October 22, 2019
Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez are not the first celebrities to appear in the WWE. After all, the attitude era was filled with celebrity appearances.
Attitude Era
With ratings going downhill, the WWE is looking to recreate its biggest success story, the Attitude Era. By bringing it back, the WWE wants to regain fans.
The Attitude Era is in full swinging as a new batch of superstars enter the main event. Steve Austin and The Rock become WWE’s top stars as others try to keep up. Here are the photos from WrestleMania 14-16.
What are the worst wrestling injuries? When you are a professional wrestler, chances are high that you will suffer an injury at one point or another.
Curious where the forgotten 90’s WWE wrestlers of the Attitude Era are at and what they are doing? Here’s what happened to a few of them.
Of course, everyone’s a critic, but a lot of times critics are right. Some of the biggest WWE mistakes are almost universally agreed upon.
Reddit user evanhusney uncovered a video from 1998 of a brief exchange they had with Stone Cold. The Texas Rattlesnake was asked his thoughts on Goldberg.