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Dax Harwood CM Punk
March 24, 2023
According to FTR’s Dax Harwood, AEW needs CM Punk. And, if Bray Wyatt doesn’t make WrestleMania 39, a possible replacement for Bobby Lashley.
Brock Lesnar Bobby Lashley
March 16, 2023
Why was Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley abandoned for WrestleMania 39? WNZ has the details. Plus, will Nikki & Brie Garcia head to AEW?
big change bobby lashley
January 4, 2023
There certainly seems to be a big change coming for Bobby Lashley, and what are plans for Charlotte and Ronda moving forward?
Jon Moxley Addiction Killed
November 11, 2022
Before going to rehab, Jon Moxley revealed his addiction almost killed him. And, the latest of Brock Lesnar and Bobble Lashley’s feud.
kingdom talked wwe return
November 7, 2022
Before choosing AEW, The Kingdom talked about a WWE return. Plus, a major Superstar praises Logan Paul after Crown Jewel.
WWE Crown Jewel 2022
November 5, 2022
WWE Crown Jewel 2022 is in the books as the company returned to Saudi Arabia. Now, we look back at each match and assign some grades.
trick or treat texas
October 31, 2022
It’s a festive RAW in a Nutshell, with one major question to ask and answer: who wants to trick or treat in Texas!
kansas city cage fight
September 5, 2022
It’s time for another RAW In A Nutshell, and this time we are in Kansas City for a cage fight for the United States Title!
behind hit rows return
August 15, 2022
We have some insight behind Hit Row’s recent WWE return, plus Vince McMahon blocked Lashley from chasing a UFC dream.
red brand cleveland rock
August 8, 2022
It’s a big RAW in a Nutshell, and with the show in Ohio…will the red brand make Cleveland rock with some big matches tonight?
big bout bobby lashley
July 30, 2022
He’s been almost sneaky dominant for over a year, and now there could be a big bout for Bobby Lashley. And Matt Cardona is almost back!
bobby lashley nears milestone
Now the new United States champ, Bobby Lashley nears a big milestone. Plus, there was a curious NXT teaser during the Great American Bash.
superstar poised big push
Following Hell In A Cell, at least one Superstar is poised for a big push. Plus, what’s next for Becky Lynch as things shift toward SummerSlam
WrestleMania card
There are 14 matches on the WrestleMania 38 card, and they ain’t all going to be classics. Let’s look at the undercard
WWE High Ethan Page
March 25, 2022
WWE is high on Ethan Page and think he has the potential to be a star. And, a rumored WrestleMania match might undergo a major change.
Details Bobby Lashley Return
March 22, 2022
Bobby Lashley was injured earlier this year, but it sounds like his return is on the horizon. Plus, WWE’s future plans for WrestleMania.
Bobby Lashley Injured
February 20, 2022
Bobby Lashley is legitimately injured & could miss months of action. And, Brock Lesnar did not follow the WWE script at Elimination Chamber.
chamber hits and misses
February 20, 2022
Following the 2022 edition of WWE Elimination Chamber, let’s discuss the hits and misses from the latest Saudi Arabia show!