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September 8, 2022
Raven was one of the most dynamic and polarizing wrestlers of the 90s and played a major role in the attitude era.
tragedy of scott hall
March 14, 2022
The wrestling world has lost another legend, so it is time to take a look at what was the tragedy and triumph of Scott Hall.
Goldberg Difficult Work
November 21, 2021
If you ask one big name in pro wrestling, Goldberg was difficult to work with on several levels. And, a huge free agent just hit the market
jon moxley enters rehab
November 3, 2021
In some concerning news, Jon Moxley enters rehab for alcohol issues. Plus, the plans for AEW’s Battle of the Belts is discussed.
superstar disliked crown jewel
November 3, 2021
No shock, but another WWE Superstar disliked going to Crown Jewel. And, since he landed in AEW, has CM Punk actually disappointed?
star says jeff hardy deserves better
October 13, 2021
After recent performances, one star says Jeff Hardy deserves better. Plus, one ex-WCW wrestler wants more AEW matches, but will he get them.
The Strangest Match Stipulations
June 22, 2021
Over the years, there have been a number of weird matches. But which are the strangest match stipulations throughout wrestling history?
Buff Bagwell Arrested Charges
May 25, 2021
Former WCW star Marcus Buff Bagwell had quite the weekend recently, getting arrested on 11 charges. Plus, there’s some major SummerSlam news.
why kalisto was released
April 24, 2021
If you wanted to know why Kalisto was released last week, check out inside. Also, in sad news, form WCW star Mongo McMichael has ALS.
Is WWE Chairman Vince McMahon the reason fans turned on Bill Goldberg
December 29, 2020
Chairman Vince McMahon could be the reason why WWE fans have turned on Bill Goldberg. But is there any evidence to support this claim?
Important lessons WWE wrestlers
December 4, 2020
Some lessons you have to learn the hard way, just look at these ten lessons WWE wrestlers had to learn the hard way during their career!
Eric Bischoff Bret Hart
October 30, 2020
Eric Bischoff still has issues with Bret Hart, calling him winy and other names. And, one WWE superstar has undergone a slight name change.
Eric Bischoff TNT Return
August 6, 2020
Eric Bischoff has not been on TNT since WCW went down. Now, AEW announced that the former WCW manager is returning to TNT for the first time in 20 years.
WWE's Chairman Vince McMahon and Undertaker did not speak after AEW Row
June 17, 2020
WWE’s Chairman Vince McMahon and The Undertaker fell out last year after the chairman feared Taker would leave WWE for AEW.
Bray Wyatt Pycho Sid
June 2, 2020
Bray Wyatt reveals an old WCW story involving an incident with Pycho Sid. In other news, WWE is considering a new lesbian storyline.
Fans Worried Buff Bagwell
May 20, 2020
Ex-WCW wrestler Buff Bagwell has fans worried after the release of a choking video on social media. Also, Undertaker responds to criticism.
shad gaspard's wife speaks
May 19, 2020
Shad Gaspard went missing over the weekend. While the search has been called off, his wife is speaking out and keeping hope alive. Also, Hammer avoids jail.
Ric Flair Reveals Why He Wrestled For TNA after WWE retirement
April 13, 2020
Ric Flair worked for TNA for some time after his retirement, and now he has finally revealed the real reason. Flair also taked about his WCW experience.