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Star Says Jeff Hardy Deserves Better, Ex-WCW Wrestler Wants AEW Chance

After recent performances, one star says Jeff Hardy deserves better. Plus, one ex-WCW wrestler wants more AEW matches, but will he get them.

After a bizarre match on RAW, at least one star says Jeff Hardy deserves better. And, after a drink of water in the company, an ex-WCW wrestler wants another AEW chance.

Star Says Jeff Hardy Deserves Better

Much has been said about his current status in WWE…so let’s see what another star says about Jeff Hardy deserves better.

The star this time? Velvet Sky.

To be completely blunt…she is not wrong…but she might also not be entirely right either.

None of the fans, nor any other peers, who feel Jeff Hardy deserves better are wrong.

To kind of recap, he’s been oddly used for a while now.

He’s on and off television in fits and spurts. More recently (like, on RAW), he lost to Austin Theory, due in part to a 24/7 segment happening in the same ring during his match.

We’ve long heard rumblings that, whenever Jeff Hardy’s current contract is up, he might just join brother Matt in AEW.

However, for everything going on, or however outside observers perceive it, Jeff Hardy doesn’t seem to feel he deserves better.

While we have yet to see him enjoy a swan song title run, WWE has given him some concessions.

For one, he wanted to return to his former entrance music.

That happened.

Now, we are hearing there’s a chance Hardy might be bringing his Willow persona to WWE for the first time ever.

star says jeff hardy deserves better
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If WWE was treating him (or any) Superstar so poorly…I question whether they’d be as accomodating.

In the grand scheme, as any grizzled pro wrestling vet knows, one of their unwritten job duties is to, well, job to younger talent.

As in, you want (and kind of need) to see veterans like Hardy putting over younger guys like Theory. It’s a way for them to give back and keep the business going.

A younger Hardy, and many other Superstars over the years, have enjoyed similar experiences.

So while fans might think Jeff Hardy deserves better-and perhaps he does-it seems Hardy himself is content.

Or, at least, he’s a good soldier, playing out the contract.

Ex-WCW Wrestler Wants AEW Chance

Lately, it seems everyone wants one, and now an ex-WCW wrestler says he wants another AEW chance.

AEW is attracting more talent than it likely knows what to do with.

Recently, the company went the “cheap pop” route and had Crowbar and The Blue Meanie show up while AEW was in Philly.

Philly fans love ECW, and Meanie in particular went over well.

So, another nostalgia act would love another AEW chance.

ex-wcw wrestler wants aew chance
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We say another, because, well, he had a cup of coffee in AEW back in 2019.

The ex-WCW wrestler? That would be Glacier.

He worked in the 21 man battle royal for All In back in 2019, and has not wrestled a lot since.

However, per a report in WhatCulture, the ex-WCW wrestler wants another AEW chance.

It does not hurt that he is friendly with some stars within the company, namely Cody Rhodes.

However, Glacier is pushing 60, and unlike other aging talent, such as Sting…he was never a massive draw, so there may not be much interest.

Still, as with many other stars, we can add this ec-WCW wrestler to the list of the many who want an AEW chance.

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